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The Good news Bears

Updated on January 19, 2014

Bears fans gone wild

Bears fans hope that this is their year.
Bears fans hope that this is their year. | Source

Started from the bottom

Last season’s chase for a championship ended with much disappointment for the Chicago Bears. After posting a 10-6 record The Bears missed the playoffs which cost coach Lovie Smith his job, saw Brian Urlacher retire, and the hiring of a Canadian football coach Marc Trestman. Many questions surround the Chicago Bears coming into the preseason, and much had to do with the same old topics. Could the offensive line protect Jay Cutler, how will the ageing defense look, and will Matt Forte get more touches on the offense. Through three preseason games the team has looked both good and bad at times, but the writing is on the wall. It looks like it will be a wild ride to the playoffs, but Bears fans welcome it.

Hope's for the future

With the addition of Kyle Long the Bears hope to protect Jay Cutler.
With the addition of Kyle Long the Bears hope to protect Jay Cutler. | Source

Now that's a hit

Is this the year?

Can the Chicago Bears win this years Super Bowl?

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Not you same old bears

Many look at the firing on Lovie Smith as the sign of change, but it all started a season before that. The moment that Phil Emery came to town you could tell that things would be different. Using his first round picks two consecutive years to draft young raw talent like Shea McClellin
and Kyle Long caught many fans off guard, but after the Jerry Angelo era many fans bought in. What Emery has brought to town are athletes. What you will see this season that you haven’t in the past for the Chicago Bears is speed. The team has game changers. Guys who have the ability to present match up problems for the likes of the Green Bay Pacers and Minnesota Vikings.

For as long as the Chicago Bears have been around the franchise has been considered a defensive team. With the signing of coach Marc Trestman, the team for the first time has what many could consider an offensive minded coach. During the preseason fans were able to to get a glimpse of the Chicago Bears new offense. Using two rookies and a new zone blocking scheme, the offensive line appears much improved and Jay Cutler remained cleaner during games. Matt Forte seems to be enjoying the new offense as well. After a lack luster 2012 season Forte has simply dominated the preseason averaging 9.3 yards per carry. While fans are loving the new look Bears, Brandon Marshall seems as if he is not quite ready to jump on the ship. After a poor preseason performance against the Oakland Raiders in which Marshall dropped two passes, Brandon Marshall lead many to believe that he is not quite adapted to the offense as he would like to be. As for Jay Cutler, his preseason Seemed to get better towards the end. Fans hope that he will follow the steps of last year free agent to be quarterback Joe Flacco. Flacco lead the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl championship after having a sensational playoff run. What Chicago Bears fans are looking for is all good and no bad Jay.

Many wondered after the firing of Lovie Smith how the Bears defense would look in the future. With an ageing core and the loss of Brian Urlacher, the team has done a great job of incorporating good young talent via the draft. Draft picks like Shea McClellin and Jonathan Bostic look to add another dynamic to an already prolific Bears defense. While the team still plays it’s cover 2 style many are surprised by some of the different looks that they are sending against the opposition. There’s more speed. more blitzing, and yes more takeaways. This was never more evident then in it’s preseason game verses the Raiders in which cornerback Charles Tillman came from the corner on a cornerback blitz for a sack. If the offense can put up points this could be a tough team to beat.

Top bears plays from last season


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