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The Greatest Show on Earth - The Olympic Games 2012

Updated on July 30, 2012

It has come at last the greatest show on earth - inspire a generation! The Olympic Games 2012 are here at last in London. I cannot believe it, seven years in planning and it started with the Danny Boyle Opening Ceremony last night.

I could not believe that the day after the joy of being given the games the bombs hit London, known as7/7. No, I thought that did not happen just the day after we heard the good news did it? But when I looked back to my diary of 2005, indeed that was the case. 7/7 happened the day after London realised it was successful in its bid for the Olympic games. I wrote: "What a day, after the joy of getting the Olympics yesterday! I woke up to news of bombings in London,........."

So seven years later here we are having watched the Opening Ceremony last night. I would describe it as different, interesting very eccentric and very British. I attended the technical dress rehearsal on Wed, so I knew a little about what to expect.

Many of us though are still bitter about the ticket system and the anti-climax that has caused. I was for instance devastated to learn that the Opening Ceremony was not sold out due to price (£1,000+). So tickets were given away in the end, I and I am sure many others would have killed for those tickets, if they had been a reasonable amount. I have not been able to get one ticket even though originally I applied for £700 worth. Apparently that was not enough, I should have gone for several thousands worth. That's how people got their tickets.

I start my volunteering tomorrow at the North Greenwich Arena, where there will be Gymnastics and Basketball - I have just finished my first shift and it was tiring but Ok of course I wanted to be in the stadium and or close to the field of play but still I am making the best of it and the atmosphere is good. It's also fun chatting to the other volunteers during breaks and free periods. The weather was good too, I cannot imagine doing what we did in pouring rain! The rain returns next week alas, this is London, England after all!

I am part of the security team working along side the paid security team and the drafted in army officers. We get the crowd waiting to come into the venue ready for the security check which is like the airport security checks and we load their belongings into trays ready to go into the X-ray machines. So our jobs are more important than fun and exciting!

But the games are here and that alone is exciting even if I have no tickets and the talk today was of the many empty seats in the various arenas, while so many wanted tickets so badly. There is also still plenty of talk about the quirky Opening Ceremony last night, very British, eccentric and a bit dark in parts but overall a triumph for Danny Boyle. I enjoyed the dress rehearsal better than watching it on television and understood it better being there in the stadium. It was a bit disjointed and bitty then watching it on television. So I guess some around the world were a bit bemused by the drama unfolding before their eyes.

Enjoy the games one and all, I intend to since it is the opportunity of a life time and I doubt I will be able to go to Rio with my cousins next, since I went with them to Beijing and spent a ton of money!


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