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The Show -- Fantasy Fight Wrestling Pro Federation Results

Updated on March 21, 2011

Welcome to the Pro Leagues

Here's where we draw a baseline and get a sense of calibration from Fire Pro Wrestling. Each of the wrestlers in the "Pro Feds" are computer generated characters that come with the game. We have no control over their statistics, abilities, or CPU logic. We can't even peek at their stats to get a comparison for fan created characters.

So right here the computer built pros of many eras and federations of professional wrestling battle it out for our amusement, and give us a better understanding of their abilities. Suggest a grudge match of your own, or just talk smack. Check out our other hubs where you can suggest match ups and new competitors. Welcome to the carnage of Fantasy Fight Wrestling.

Check out the full roster of computer generated wrestlers from your favorite eras and leagues below.


Nothing Stops Andre the Giant. Nothing.

"He is the Brute Squad."
"He is the Brute Squad." | Source

Fire Pro Wrestling Contradicts any Victory Against "Andre The Giant".

In an effort to get a sense of calibration of the computer generated wrestlers, we took the obvious choice for Alpha Dog and started a match series. The results were definite and irrefutable: No other fighter or wrestler included with Fire Pro Wrestling has what it takes to prevail against Andre the Giant. Andre went undefeated in 15 straight matches against some of the greatest to ever step in the squared circle. In both standard and "gruesome" modes, Andre could not be stopped. "Gruesome" matches involve higher chances of blood and knock outs and are necessary for some competitors such as MMA fighters, Pro Boxers, and other martial arts types. Andre even defeated Fire Pro Wrestling's Bruce Lee character; skeptical, we'll be revisiting that match up later with a fan made Bruce Lee of our own. Andre's list of wins is accumulated below.

Hulk Hogan--8:01                                            Ultimate Warrior--TIE-15:00
Stone Cold--7:12                                             Ultimate Warrior--TIE-15:00
The Rock --8:24                                              Ultimate Warrior--7:18
Undertaker--12:47                                           Bruce Lee --TIE-15:00
Kurt Angle--7:07                                              Bruce Lee --TIE-15:00
Ric Flair --11:01                                              Bruce Lee --9:43
Goldberg --11:25                                            Brock Lesnar --7:30
Big Show --8:57                                              Brock Lesnar --6:41
Triple H--7:48

Fantasy Fight Wrestling's Chief Color Comentator, Phil D. Snutts
Fantasy Fight Wrestling's Chief Color Comentator, Phil D. Snutts

Phil's Take:

You can't have it both ways, mutants! Andre the Giant was a mountain, and kayfabe he had the ultimate power: being an unstoppable super human.

You can't bring in a leviathan monster like Andre, then suddenly pretend that guys like Hogan, or Triple H or anyone can handle "The Brute Squad". Andre is a legend; he is elemental force! No swelled-up ham 'n egger that ever lived has what it takes. 

Fire Pro Wrestling's statistical computer has spoken. We're gonna have to have a cup league title because Andre the Giant is in a class alone. Here's to the one true "Giant". You can't handle it.

Ryder DyBytch

Ryder DyBytch, Fantasy Fight Wrestling's Junior Commentator.
Ryder DyBytch, Fantasy Fight Wrestling's Junior Commentator.

Ryder's Take:

"DAAAAAAAMNN". This series left me so excited I had to change my panties. Highlights were the repeated matches between Andre and the Ultimate Warrior, and those with Bruce Lee. For my money, the best match was against Stone Cold Steve Austin, where Brock Lesnar jumped in to save Stone Cold with a sneak attack that left Andre bloody, literally juicing everywhere, as blood covered his face like a mask and dripped onto his chest. The blood-drenched juggernaut proceeded to finish the match, punishing Lesnar and Stone Cold, before the blood on his face lost its warmth. THAT, is a man. I wish Andre was still competing so I could be his backstage bunny.


Coming soon we've got the results of more match-ups. Chris Shore, Associate Editor at gave us his top 12 picks for the next round of fantasy matches:

The Rock                    Hulk Hogan                        Ultimate Warrior
Stone Cold                  Bret Hart                            Ric Flair
Randy Savage            Brock Lesnar                     Goldberg
Shawn Michaels         Chris Benoit                        Iron Sheik


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