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The "Unnecessary Necessities" for Family Campers.

Updated on October 19, 2014

Necessary?...not so much

When packing up the camper, there are those that feel only the bare minimum should be packed. Then there are those that have everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink. I strive to be somewhere in the middle. Somewhere between "Wow, I wonder where they got that?" and "No, (insert child name) we don't have a satellite dish". And to any fellow camper who has ever made that miraculous first trip to a Camping World retail store, you know there are so many items that most middle of the line campers just giggle and think...."REALLY??....a hammock for my fruit...why?" and then somehow find one in your cart.

Marshmallows, hotdogs, forks, I only have 2 hands!

This lovely little table, that folds flat for easy transport and carrying from your campfire to a fellow camper's fire ring is not full fledged necessity but definitely makes life easier when you have kids who all need you to hold something RIGHT NOW!! This provides a place for everyone to place their various goodies, keep them off the ground and out of mom's lap. Most tables like these are rather inexpensive and range from $7-$12.


We all have trash, right?

Next on my list of unnecessary necessities, is a trashbag holder that attaches to the side of the picnic table. Now I know that you could just have a bag and don't NEED a holder for it. However, with my kids, the chance of the trash actually getting into the bag and thus preventing a littered campsite, is much more likely if the bag is up off the ground and being held open.

How are you doing that!?!?

This item is by far the most UNnecessary of the unnecessary necessities, but it's by far the most fun!! Several camping trips ago, we were sitting around a campfire with some friends and noticed these green and red lights on a tree. At the time, we weren't sure if they were lights, a rare breed of lightning bugs, a reflection, or some act of nature. So being the quiet and shy (HA!) person that I am, I walked down the lane to the campsite that seemed to be in charge of this strange phenomenon and asked how they were doing this. They shared the secret to be a small box that contained a "laser light show". It was purchased from Amazon and was less than $20. I had to have it! It produced a subtle blinking, wiggling light effect that made it seem like the trees were dancing. After mine arrived and went on the first trip, we had SO many people stopping at our sight to ask "How are you doing that?" , "What is that?" , or "Where can I buy one?" that we have dubbed it the friend maker. I love that so many people are curious and we have met and had some good times with many of them!!


Do I NEED that? Maybe not, but I definitely WANT it!

So whether you are lighting your sight with strings of tacky lights, or lying au natural under the stars, any item that proves to aid in fun and function on your camping trip is welcome. While I am still somewhat new to the game and don't have as many "WOW, where did you get that?" moments, I do love the conversations and enjoying a stroll around a campground to see my next 'necessity' :-) Happy Trails.


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