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Baits for catching Bream, Estuary Perch, Eel and Salmon.

Updated on January 8, 2013

Catching fish in Gippsland needs the right bait

Eating, the foods chosen to eat are personal and vary from person to person, so it is with fish. You can't catch the different types of fish with the same bait. Each fish has their preferences. Listed are a few of the fish you will find at Kilcunda Victoria, Powlett River Victoria, located in Bass Coast Shire.

Frabill Aerated Bucket, 8-Quart, White/Yellow
Frabill Aerated Bucket, 8-Quart, White/Yellow

Insulated bucket, aerates, battery operated. Good for winter and summer fishing.


Bait for Bream | Catching Bream

Bream is a very spontaneous fish and can be caught using a variety of baits.

Prawns, and other smaller estuary fish that are caught in the same place it makes the catching better using these.

Keeping your bait fresh while you wait for the Bream to catch on, will be important, or if you brought your own bait.

Check out the Frabill-1405 Min-O-Life-Bucket - aerates the water to keep the bait as fresh as possible which keeps the Bream biting. No bad reviews. Apparently the plastic tubing is packed in where the batteries go.

At the Powlett River, Victoria, Australia crabs are good for catching bream.

Fishing for Estuary Perch | Catching Perch

Estuary Perch or Gippsland Perch, or just plain old perch, are the names that this fish goes by. It is sometimes confused for the Australian Bass. Although the Perch is found in places with a higher saline content than that of the Australian Bass, which is more common in western Victoria.

The bait recommend is shrimps, prawns, worms, bivalve moluscs and smaller fish, which will require keeping it fresh.

For the more experienced angler, they may enjoy trying some artificial lures such as sand worms, prawns and bass yabbies

Bait for Eel | Catching Eel

Eel is a snakelike water dwelling creature that likes to move from watersource to water source in the cool of night on moisented land. They are more aggressive at night, which for most fisherman mean extra fun!

The bait to use are chicken, bread, worms. However word has the best is fresh bleeding liver, can be easily sourced from any butcher.

You can use fake lures if you want like worms that can be bought online at a decent price

Bait for salmon | Catching Salmon

Salmon are predatory carnivores and they catch fish for food too.

Their choices are pilchards, krill, crustacians (crabs), copepods, and zooplankton. So naturally if you can keeps these alive as bait, you will have a good go at catching them.

Berley is also good for catching - berley is an awful mix of strong smelling things like fish oil, cat food and other delightful things. It can draw the fish to the boat. Makes it very effective.

Lures aren't a good way to keep the salmon as they find it easier to remove themselves, by violently shaking their heads. However it is fun catch and they put up quite a fight. If your up for the challenge a metal lure with holographics on it, and maintaining good tension on the line as you draw it in you can bring salmon in with a lure and berley.


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