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Wildfish - Restuarant in Port Albert

Updated on February 10, 2011
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Wild Fish - Seafood Restaurant - in Port Albert VictoriaAffogatto from Wild Fish Restaurant, in Port Albert Victoria
Wild Fish - Seafood Restaurant - in Port Albert Victoria
Wild Fish - Seafood Restaurant - in Port Albert Victoria | Source
Affogatto from Wild Fish Restaurant, in Port Albert Victoria
Affogatto from Wild Fish Restaurant, in Port Albert Victoria | Source

The History of the Wild Fish

On the very spot where the wild fish restaurant is today, was a humble little fish and shop that grew in stature and acclaim came to be know for the best fish and chips from miles around. From what I understand it was a small little shop on the pier. It was decided to redevelope it in to what it is today. Still a nice little take away fish and chip shop with still the best fish and chips for miles. They added to it a restuarant, the best seafood restaurant for miles.

Even those who don't love seafood, who just tolerate it will, the Wild Fish causes you to love seafood.

How to get to Wildfish Restaurant

A nice 3 hour drive out of Melbourne, into the heart of Gippsland. Down the South Gippsland Hwy.

The wildfish restuarant is located right on the pier in Port Albert drive through the town head for the water past the pub at the end of the road is the wildfish restaurant.

40 Wharf St, Port Albert 3971, Victoria

To order or book a table call (03) 5183 2007

Review of Wildfish Restaurant

We arrived and were served and seated with expediency. The serving staff were very proffessional and well informed about the products. Local gippsland wines by the bottle and if you really enjoyed it there are more for sale to take away.

The fish virtually jump from the sea straight in to the pan, fryer, or oven. So fresh and lovely.

The decor is very nice and it was nice to see art work that displayed real bodies and not starved bony figures. The lighting is nice and the sunset is visable from the front end of the restaurant. The sea is so calming.

Not being the biggest seafood fan, I found an old favourite that mum had tried to make a few times. A pan cooked fish with lemon seasoned topping, served with the famous chips and lovely green salad with just the right amount of dressing.

While it is a seafod resaurant a very good one at that, they do have a chicken and steak on offer for the terminally adverse seafood eater. Desserts don't have seafood in them and are delightful, the affagato (pictured above) is a great choice for somebody who wants to have a little extra after dinner that is well filling. Where as there are crepes and sorbets as well for anybody who can fit in anymore food after a decent serving size.

Decent prices:

Wines by the glass around $7.00, for fantastic local produce.

Entrees about $15.00

Mains about $27.00

Desserts around $12.00

Well and truly enjoyable experience. I don't like ratings, go check it out for yourself!


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    • Abbasangel profile image

      Abbasangel 7 years ago from Australia - The land down under

      Yes dessert would have been a bit trying to make it seafoody... The chicken sounded awesome!

    • Davorunner profile image

      Davorunner 7 years ago from Australia

      Phew! Am I glad that the desert doesn't have seafood in it!

      I'm not a seafood fan at all, but it does sound pretty good. I might have to try the chicken sometime :p