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The World's Funniest Sporting Moments

Updated on March 22, 2012

Sport is many things: inspiring, rewarding, life changing. But it can also be very very funny. I've picked out some of my favourites from these funny moments and provided some evidence of just how funny they are.

Due to the fact that I'm from the UK, most of these examples are UK based. For example three of them are from football (the proper kind, not soccer) and one of them features a British woman relieving herself, but don't worry I have thrown in a token basketball clip just to keep our friends across the pond happy.

A wise person once said about sport that it's "not the winning that counts, it's the taking part". They forgot to mention that it's also the laughing that counts. Sport is constantly providing us with golden nuggets of comedy and I hope I've succeeded in bring you some of the best. Enjoy.

The nutcracker

Taken from the era when footballers didn't bother wearing shorts and played in their boxers instead, this photo depicts an incident between Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne and Vinnie Jones. Vinnie described it as 'a bit of banter', I'm not sure if Gazza would agree.

This is an example of a photo where the faces tell the story. Jones (unlike his playing style) looks like he's determined to get the ball. Gazza on the other hand, is displaying the kind of pain that a man would when he realises that he is now unable is reproduce.

One could only feel for Gascoigne in this situation, something that Jones certainly did at the time.

David Dunn 'showboating'

David Dunn here, at the time playing for Birmingham city, showing that there is a fine line between skill and falling over on your arse. This clip is made all the funnier by the fact that it happened in a Birmingham derby against Aston Villa. Villa fans must have thought that all their Christmases has come at once when this happened, as this single moment provided years worth of ammunition for them. Another reason I love this clip is that it spawned the phrase 'doing a Dunn' meaning to 'attempt something not within your skill level'. For example: 'he was doing a Dunn by talking to her as she was a supermodel and he cleaned the drains of the hospital.'

Andrew Flintoff vs West Indies

A brilliant example of the art of 'sledging' by Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff here. 'Sledging' is a technique used by cricketers to intimidate or embarrass their opponents by verbally abusing them. Flintoff uses it mainly for his own amusement here. Firstly to comeback to the West Indies field and secondly to tempt Tino Best into a wild shot that gets him out. The best part of this clip is Freddie's face after Best's wicket is taken, it's a face of a guilty child saying 'yeah, I did that'.

Greg Louganis Uses His Head.

This video demonstrates how context makes a difference. Greg Louganis does the same thing twice but only once is it funny. Man hits head on springy diving board and is ok = funny. Man hits head on solid diving slab of concrete and gets knocked out = not funny. Don't worry kids we all know he's alright because we've already seen him make exactly the same error several years later. Also, for some reason the person who made this video uses very creepy music, like a soundtrack from a horror video game on the sega mega drive.

Mario 'Bibotelli'

Mario Balotelli is the comedy gift that keeps on giving. When asked by the police why he carried so much cash with him he replied "Because I am rich". He's also almost burnt his house down by lighting a firework inside it and it is reported that he dressed as Santa and gave out money to strangers in Manchester city centre. However none of these have been filmed, so the crazy Balotelli antic I've chosen above is the Manchester City striker struggling to put a bib on. Watch as he treats the simple garment like a Rubik's cube desperately trying to figure out which arm goes where. Listen as the commentators are baffled at his behaviour (granted it doesn't take much to baffle Robbie Savage). Along with walking and talking you would have thought that putting a bib on would be one of the first things you learn in life but I guess that super Mario skipped this and went straight on to playing football instead.


Shaquille O'Neal is not a small man, in fact he's 7' 1'' and 325 pounds. So when Shaq dives head first into a crowd it's very dangerous, then when you realise no one is injured, very funny. Another great thing about this clip is the nonplussed attitude by the kid on the left in the front row that gets hurdled. He acts like he get leapt over by giant basketball players every day. The adults behind however are not so laid back and thankfully manage to dodge the human missile coming towards them.
O'Neal was reported to be irritated when fellow NBA star Dwight Howard claimed to be basketball's superman. I think this was a pretty extreme way to try and reclaim that title.

Paula spending a penny.

This isn't my friend but I imagine this is what it looked like.
This isn't my friend but I imagine this is what it looked like.

When you've got to go, you've got to go, even if you're in the middle of a marathon and there's a camera crew watching your every move. Paula Radcliffe is one of Britain's greatest ever runners yet if you were to ask some members of the public what they know her for, it would be a moment similar to this. Sport is about dedication and determination and no one can say that Radcliffe doesn't display these two qualities here. Unfortunately the cameraman also displays these two qualities with his own job by using a close up to get the best possible shot of this incident.

On a similar note, a friend once told me that he relieved his bowels whilst he was running because he was on a good time. I've never understood this, then again I'm clearly not as committed as the likes of these runners.


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