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Things That Need To Happen At SummerSlam 2015

Updated on August 12, 2015

Let it be known that I am not a booker.
I have never booked a show in my life.
If you go back a little over a month ago, you can see that I have no idea what WWE has planned for the future.
These are just some things I think need to happen in New York/New Jersey.

The Divas Need Time

SummerSlam is the second biggest pay per view of the summer, and what has the hottest story of this summer been?
...Well yeah, I guess Taker vs. Lesnar.
Okay, so not everyone is as excited as I am, but personally, the rise of the three NXT divas has been refreshing for me.
No more are the diva's segments just "bathroom breaks".

And as the first major pay per view since their rise, I think they need to be given at least as much time as Cena and Rollins.
I know that seems like a stretch, but it's an elimination tag team match anyway, and they have enough talent to carry it.

Ryback Needs To Win Convincingly

So far, "The Big Guy" has had a very forgettable title reign.
He won it alllll the way back at elimination chamber, and hasn't had a strong showing since.
I think that changes in the long-awaited triple threat between he, the Big Show, and the Miz.
The other two guys won't be too hurt if they get squashed, but Ryback desperately needs a big win to solidify his push. He's gotta throw the other guys around and breathe some life into what has become an insignificant title.
Seriously. It hasn't been defended this summer...

Stephen Amell Needs To Pin Stardust

This one is really simple, and I think that even the WWE creative team can figure this out.
This match is a one-and-done, and while I'm sure we'd all love to see Neville end the match with a Red Arrow, it's obvious that the Green Arrow has to get the pin.
Amell has been a life-long fan, and opportunities like this almost never come along.

Wouldn't it be cool if Goldust came out and interfered? Just a thought...

Brock Needs To Win

These guys aren't going to wrestle each other at Night of Champions.
This is likely the end of this feud unless they bring it back at Taker's final Mania in Dallas.
And sadly... Brock has to win.
Here's why.
1. He's the face.
I know it feels odd to say, but right now, the Undertaker is a heel. Lowblows, sneak attacks, he might as well be Mr. Money in the Bank.
2. To quote the Punk, "I'll be here on Monday, he won't be"
Taker is gone after SummerSlam, win or lose, so...
Why give a massive rub to a guy who won't do anything with it? It's not like Taker is going after the championship or anything. Why waste the momentum?
3. Brock is still unpinned.
Since breaking the streak at Wrestlemania 30, Brock Lesnar has not gone down for the three count.
He's destroyed everyone from Roman Reigns to Seth Rollins to John Cena to Michael Cole along the way.
It's funny, Brock got massive heat, and incredible momentum after breaking the streak... only to start a streak of his own.
Whoever pins Brock is gonna get the push of a lifetime... Are you really giving it to a 50 year old part timer?

Cena Needs To Put Rollins Over Clean

This madness has to stop.
I get it.
Ratings have been down, and we're approaching "the dead season" and nobody gets a cheap draw quite like Cena.
But does anyone ever stop to wonder why that is?
Why can't anyone else get over?
Why is there a huge void in the main event?

That's because nobody is allowed to get over on Cena.
The show is booked around Cena, and nobody will ever challenge that because Cena is reliable money.
That needs to stop here.
Bray Wyatt, Rusev, and Kevin Owens were red hot as heels until they were fed to Cena.
They can not let Seth Rollins become a midcarder.
Now, we all know he's set up to feud with Kane and the Authority down the road anyway, but Seth needs a big win.
He's been terribly booked and absolutely screwed by "creative" and the only way to change that is with a clean pin over John Cena.

Think about it. Cena has nothing to lose, he'll still be over like the sun at noon.
But Rollins... Think about what it does for Rollins having beaten the best the biz has to offer clean?!
And he becomes U.S. Champ! Think of all the bragging.

What's that?
What about the WWE World Heavyweight Title? Well...

Sheamus Needs To Cash In

Stop me if you've heard this before.
Popular indy star goes against John Cena for title in main event of SummerSlam.

Boring heel cashes in.
Somebody call Alberto Del Rio.
Somebody call Randy Orton.

In all seriousness, the WWE has not been afraid to use this strategy before, and it wouldn't shock me if they went back to the well again.
Rollins can't go on as champion. He's feuded with every main eventer the company has, and it's time for a title change.

The Authority's unwillingness to back Rollins against Sheamus could lead into that Rollins vs. Triple H feud we all want so badly, and honestly...

It keeps the title away from Cena.


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