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Top 10 Things to do at Disney World: Disney Studios

Updated on June 5, 2016

Star Tours

This ride was updated in 2011. This ride is most certainly not the same as it was before. There are over 50 different scenarios that your simulated ride can take. For those not familiar with this ride it is a simulation ride. What that means is you will board into the 'spaceship', be seated in rows, and watch different pictures appear on a giant screen at the front while the 'spaceship' moves around. This ride can be a little intense. My suggestion for those that weren't expecting the ride to be intense, or those with sudden motion sickness, is to close their eyes. The intensity of the ride diminishes if you can see the screen.

As there are multiple story lines and several different characters could appear it is nearly impossible to describe the ride's story. There is only one thing they all have in common: they start off as a simple space tour in the Star Wars world. During my last visit we were able to ride this ride three times in a row. Sadly, the story for the ride was almost the same all three times. But, my boyfriend and my mom were picked as the rebel spies. Which was pretty cool.

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Toy Story Midway Mania!

This is probably the most fun you will have all day. And that is saying something when your at Walt Disney World. This is a 3-D interactive game ride. As guests wait in line there are different games to play to keep them occupied and help pass the time a little smoother. Once you make it up to the loading area guests will be loaded in groups of four; two in the front of the car and two in the back. Guests will then don their 3-D glasses.

The ride takes guests to different games, all themed after the Toy Story movies. There are surprises that can pop up at any time, which only adds to the fun of the games. Just like with the Space Ranger Spin over at the Magic Kingdom half of the fun of this game is competing with the rest of your group.

This ride often has long wait times and using a fastpass is strongly recommend. In my opinion, this ride is worth the wait. My sides hurt so bad, and I could hardly breathe from laughing so much when I got off the ride. If I was only allowed to ride one ride at this park it would be this ride. hands down. I was so thrilled that my boyfriend loved it as much as I did. This ride is worth the wait.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

I will start off by saying this is not one of my favorite rides. In fact, I have only been on it once. And I can tell you that once was enough for me. I just can't stomach the drop, or should I say drops.

The premise of the ride is why I like it so much. Guests are going to tour the old Hollywood Tower Hotel, once the grandest hotel in all of Hollywood before a mysterious accident forced it to close its doors. Guests walk through the old lobby where they are then boarded onto one of the old service elevators. (If you are going to chicken out this is the time to do it.) Once you have been seated there is no going back.

The elevator continues the tour through the hotel, showing guest some of the paranormal activity that goes on in the hotel. Once guests are brought to the highest part at the hotel they are shown the view. It is a rather pretty sight. But, it is not to last. Just a few seconds later comes the drop. What is really exciting about this ride is guests never know how many drops they are going to get. When the ride finally deciders to stop guests are allowed to exit and view their pictures.

Rockin' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

This ride is just fun. Much like Space Mountain, this ride takes place entirely in the dark. But, unlike Space Mountain, this ride is faster, goes upside down, and has things for you to look at. The story behind the ride is you are at the studio with Aerosmith when they find out they are late for a show in downtown LA. Their manager orders a super stretch limo to take you along for the ride.

Guests are loaded in the the cars by twos. Once the harness goes down there is no turing back. The suspense builds as you wait for the launch. By now you have most likely seen at least three other launches so you know what is going to happen. The train is going to go from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds. That's a rush. As if that's not enough they are going to snap a picture of your face as you hit 60mph. This ride has three inversions and a bunch of winding turns. As you speed along the track you can see neon lights made to look like road signs and billboards. The coolest thing about this ride is the soundtrack. Aerosmith songs actually play in the speakers right behind your head!

When the ride stops you are released onto the red carpet, you have arrived at your destination in one piece. Thankfully.

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Studio Backlot Tour

I have always liked this ride. As a way to make the wait a little more entertaining at the start three guests are chosen at random to participate in a display of special effects commonly used in the movie industry. The scene is very similar to something out of Pearl Harbor. It is rather entertaining to watch these people run around, especially when they start getting soaked.

From there guests are boarded into a train that will give them a tour around the studio. It's kind of neat to see some of the props from classic movies like Indiana Jones. The highlight of the tour is when the train 'wanders' into set that is being prepped for a scene. The tram is shaken around and water pours down over the top. It is a little intense the first time you ride. Once the ride is over guests are drop off at a museum where props and costumes from classic movies are on display for all to see.

Sadly, this ride is now gone. They are building a Star Wars themed area for the park and it will be built in a few years.

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Muppet Vison 3-D

The Muppets are amazing. I know that is not a feeling that is shared by everyone, but I have always loved them. Muppet Vision is everything you would expect it to be. Corny jokes, cheap 3-D tricks, and lots of silly family humor.

I love seeing all the details that imagineers put into the queue area, it really looks like something out of the Muppet world. All of your favorite Muppet characters are involved in the show, and it gets a little interactive towards the end. Its great fun, and a wonderful way to relax and take a break from the Florida sunshine.

The Great Movie Ride

This rides takes guests through different classic movies. Guests are boarded onto a large moving theatre where they are then taken through some of the most famous scenes from some of the best movies of all time. The ride technology is very similar to that of the Universe of Energy at EPCOT, if that helps to give you an idea of how this ride works.

The line is often very long for this ride, but Disney always has a few few tricks up its sleeve to make sure guests are entertained while waiting in line. The queue area is set up like a museum, with different artifacts for guests to see. There are even TVs in the queue area that play scenes from classic movies.

What I really like about this ride is that it is interactive. Even the ride operator gets involved. Are the jokes a little cheesy? Yes. But, are they as bad as the ones on the Jungle Cruise? Absolutely not. There are a few scenes that might be a little intense for younger riders, but they don't last that long and are followed by happier ones. Adults that are familiar with some of the movies that are in ride will have an idea of when these scary moments will be coming and will be able to whatever action they deem necessary for their children.

Lights, Motors, Action!

This show allows guests to see how stunts involved with cars are performed for movies. If you have a young boy that loves cars, loud noises, or explosions, this show was made for them. That being said, this show often has very long wait times. The reason is simple. They only do a certain number of shows a day, say five, and the theatre can only hold so many people, say 1200.

If your little ones have put this on their must do list like I have then I would straggly suggest getting a fastpass for some other ride or show and trying to see the first show of the day. Make sure that if it is a sunny day that you have sunglasses or a hat with you, the theatre is in the sunlight and there is very little shade. Snacks are also a great idea since the show is rather long.

Much like the Back Lot Tour this attraction is now gone. In a few years that area will be a part of the Star Wars themed area.

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

I love everything about this show. The stunts, the Harrison Ford look a like, the effects, and the guest involvement. If you are over 18 then you too can get involved with the magic of movie making. Before the show starts a few lucks volunteers are chosen from the audience to help fill the roll of extras for the filming of the 'new' Indiana Jones movie. How cool is that?

The show reveals how some of the stunts and special effects were performed for the Indiana Jones movie. Have you ever wondered how Indiana was able to get away from the giant boulder? Has it been driving you mad trying to figure out how people can jump off a roof and land safely? Well, this show will answer all those questions and more.

This show fills up quickly. Thankfully the theatre is protected from rain and sun. There is a cart for refreshments conveniently located outside of the theatre. I like to grab a quick snack and sit back, enjoy the shade, and watch some epic stunts. This show is great fun for everyone!

Beauty and the Beast

I really, really wanted to list Fantasmic on this list. Truly, I did. But, I simply couldn't leave out this gem of a show. After, its full length counterpart did play on Broadway for years and it is molded after one of the best Disney animated movies of all time.

This is my favorite stage show Disney has ever put into the parks, and that is saying something. (Although, the new Aladdin show in California Adventure is just as good, if not a little better.) OK, I will amend my statement, this is my favorite show at Walt Disney World. There, I said it.

The costumes, the music, the dancing. It is all so outrageous and beautiful. I even love that this show has an opening act. Disney hired on an a cappella quartet to entertain guests as they come into the theatre. And they are fabulous. This show is, essentially, a shortened version of the move. All of the classic songs and moments are brought to life right in front of you on stage. If I'm at this park, I need to see this show for my day to be complete.


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