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Top Twenty Best Football Quotes- Arsenal FC

Updated on February 20, 2012

Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC have had many great managers at the helm of the club from the great Bertie Mee to Arsene Wenger. There have been many legendary players, Ian Wright and Thierry Henry were worshipped by the Arsenal fans.Find out what the famous managers and players have to say about Arsenal FC.

The Managers Quotes

I couldn't have played in the current Arsenal team,,because I was one paced and the game is even faster than it was a few years ago. The players are stronger and more committed.To survive without pace these days-and I'm talking about being creative- you need the skills of a Liam Brady. George Graham 1991.

Only one in two hundred( football Apprentices) become real champions, of World class and they are clearly identifiable at the age of 14 or 15. Bertie Mee.

We send Scouts where others don't look. Arsene Wenger.

With a great name like ours only success is good enough. Don Howe

If spirit won prizes, Arsenal would win the lot. Arsene Wenger

Only the players are important. I am not important. Bertie Mee.

I realised when I joined Arsenal that the back four were all University Graduates in the art of defending and Tony Adams was the Doctor of defence. Arsene wenger.

I am going to make this the greatest club in the world. Herbert Chapman.

It's fine that people hate us, its part of our history. George Graham.

It doesn't matter how good your team is. If you can't rely on your keeper you simply won't succeed. Arsene Wenger

The Players Quotes

Second in the League might be good enough somewhere else, but not at Arsenal. Martin Keown.

I always wanted to play in English football and Arsenal and Highbury is English football to me. Dennis Bergkamp.

I may be French, but I'm playing for Arsenal. Thierry Henry.

On the pitch I appear to be fragile but week by week I am ripening and will never be intimidated by anyone. Never,CescFabregas

Arsenal will be in my blood aswell as my heart. I will always, always, always remember you guys. I said I was going to be a Gunner for life and I did not lie because when you are a Gunner you will always be a Gunner. The Club is in my heart and will remain in my heart forever. Thierry Henry.

If you selected a team of nice people, Dave Rocastle would be captain. David O'Leary.

'I am Gooner.' Andrey Arshavin.

When you grow up with a club and you end up playing for them and winning things, you are from that club. I was produced here. I was formulated here. Liam  Brady.

He’s(Dennis Bergkamp)the messiah. We told him to get us into Europe when he joined and that’s exactly what he did..  Ian Wright.

To me, he will always be the Romford Pele.    Marc Overmars on Ray Parlour.


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    • profile image

      mark.oha1 5 years ago

      I am a gunnerz n gunnerz i wil be till i die no other club in d world.

    • profile image

      Ham27 6 years ago

      yes i like the word of our legend Thiery Hyenry hi si a man with 100% respect to all arsenal fans and i am among those fans

    • profile image

      prabeg 7 years ago

      i am the great fan of gunner and u ll always remain in my heart and soul