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Updated on August 18, 2010


I am not a medical doctor, and I am sure the "doctors" did their "stuff" to make sure that the UCLA quarterback is ready to play after giving only a week for his brain to heal from a concussion. A week is the minimum time required!

I expect such medical treatment and care from pro football or the Pentagon But not football that is associated with so-called higher learning. We know way too much about the brain. UCLA has way too many highly trained and intelligent medical staff, high powered folks in the field of neurology and neurobiology to send an injured brain to the slaughter. If I were the coach, I could not live with myself for allowing the quarterback to play this coming week.

It is amazing to me that an Oregon player was sidelined for months for soccer punching an opposing player early on in the season, but the injured quarterback goes back after only a week of convalescing.

I wrote a blog some months back in which I talked about the ways we still sacrifice our sons to the gods, and here's one more example.


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    • NGRIA Bassett profile image

      NGRIA Bassett 8 years ago from Bermuda

      I agree vrbmft it would seem to me also that one week is insufficient time for this player to be recovered. My bet would be that he would be more susceptible to a new blow to the head than another player who has no recent brain injury.

      Is it about the money and the show must go on or is it about wisdom and people's lives being more valuable than mmoney?