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UFC's Best Submission Fighters

Updated on July 15, 2012

The Ground Game

I have spent a lot of my time over the past few months talking and doing hubs about the ufc and some of its greatest fighters, some of the best fights and also some of the best knockouts but what i have failed to do so far is mention the ground fighters. There are some world class jiu jitsuu fighters out there who possess simply awesome skills on the ground who when they get the fight down there can end it within seconds by performing a simple choke or a complex switch into an arm bar,once you have been watching a while and have learnt some of the techniques applied you will see the ground game as i do, a complex,skillful and highly adaptive martial art.

What follows is a list of some of the best ground fighters and some of there best fights.

Damien maia

Damien Maia

Lets start with the top dog, Damien Maia is currently one of the best submission experts in the world and has an unbeaten record in mma 11 wins and no losses with 5 of those wins coming in the ufc.His submissions seemingly come from nowhere and he is currently scheduled to fight Nate Marquardt at the end of august to see who is the top contender at middleweight.He is a two time world jiu jitsu champion and his skills have to be seen to be believed each of his 5 wins in the ufc have come by way of choke.

Damien Maia

Bj Penn

Bj Penn is widely regarded as one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world due to his diverse all round game,but not only can he punch and kick but he has sick jiu jitsu skills,He won the world championship after only 3 years training which is unheard of,They don't call him (the prodigy) for nothing,His last championship fight vs Kenny Florian was over the second it hit the floor and it only took seconds for Bj to sink in the choke and defend his belt.

Bj Penn

Frank Mir

Truly one of the best heavyweight ground fighters in ufc history,His leg lock of Brock Lesnar whilst being pummeled in the face by a man outweighing him by 30lbs or so was simply Divine.I have watched that video in slow motion and with Brock standing up whilst he was on his back he showed composure and skill in hooking Brock's leg towards him then sinking in the leg lock, not only this but he is renowned for perhaps the most famous arm bar of all time when he snapped Tim Sylvia's forearm in an arm bar.

Frank Mir

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva has the best stand up in all of mma no question,we know that but his ground game is all to often overlooked.He is after all a black belt in bjj under the Nogueira brothers.His fight with Travis Lutter (himself a noted black belt) was brilliant,at one stage Silva had been mounted and was under severe attack but managed to get Lutter in a triangle choke and rained down elbows until the ref jumped in.Superb 

Royce Gracie

How can you leave out the master,At ufc 1 this unassuming 185lb guy came in and destroyed 3 fighters in one night by submission, he went on to show that using submission fighting he could beat anyone no matter what there size was,he last fought in the ufc at ufc 60 against Matt Hughes in 2006 and subsequently lost but no matter the man is a legend in mma

Antonio Nogueira

Antonio Nogueira is another legendary heavyweight submission fighter, his record is 31-5-1-1 and again like Mir for a heavyweight he has amazing dexterity and flexibility especially in his hips,his game plan normally involves being beaten up for a couple of rounds before taking the flight to the floor and submitting the fighter out of nowhere

Antonio Nogueira

Who is currently the best

Who is currently the best jiu jitsu fighter in the ufc

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    • nategeil profile image

      nategeil 8 years ago from Evansville In

      Some of the other ground technicians that I think you should also include Cesar Gracie, With out him Royce would never be where he is today. Also there is quite a few up and coming fighters that should make that list. Vinny Magalhaes, Rob Kimmons, Tim credeur. All those fighters are top level ground fighters but without the complete well roundedness they will never be any better than what they are today. Another often overlooked ground fighter Robert Drysdale. He is a Brazilian jujitsu master. He can bring a whole other side of wicked to the ground. I don't believe Frank Mir should of made the list of top five either. He is good don't get me wrong, but he is too big and too slow to compete with any top ground fighter if they were his size. I think if Jeff Monson and Frank Mir did an exhibition just on the ground. Jeff Monson would win. Big Nog would also. There is no comparision. Then again sometimes you never know. Thats one of the great things about this sport. It changes day to day