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Using Trail Camera Mounts for the Best Position

Updated on October 21, 2011

Trail Camera Mounts Offer Flexibility

It is no secret that I am a major trail camera hobbyist. I enjoy the fact that my trail cameras allow me to spent more time in the woods; not just during the hunting season.

Hanging my game cameras sometimes drives me crazy though. It never fails. I find a certain location that I want to cover with my scouting camera, but I can't find a good tree to hang it on that will allow me to effective cover that location. Sometimes the trees are too large for the mounting straps. Sometimes the trees are too small, and will allow the camera to sway with the tree as the wind blows. Other times there just isn't a tree in the area, and may only be ground vegetation.

It is times like these that I turn to using special trail camera mounts, especially for my small form factor game cameras. There are three main kinds that I use, depending upon what the scenario is. They are post mounts, tripod mounts, and pivot mounts.

Trail Camera Post Mount

A trail camera post mount is ideal for those scenarios where there are just no trees in the area. If you are attempting to mount a game cam in a field or in an area where there is only underbrush, then the post mount is the one to choose.

These are usually a post made from high strength steel. The bottom will usually come to a point to make it easier to drive it into the ground. It will also normally have a "T" at the bottom which will allow you to plant it in the ground with your foot.

Some of these are manufactured for specific brands of game cameras, like the Cuddeback Genius Post Mount. Others are universal and will accept multiple brands of scouting cameras. You can be sure of an exact fit if you go with a manufacturer post mount. Otherwise, you may be required to use straps to affix your camera to the post mount.

On the down-side, using a game camera post mount is not good for game camera security. Unless there is a tree to connect a cable lock to, you run the risk of having your gear stolen.

Digital Game Camera Tripod Mount

Game camera tripod mounts are typically manufactured from durable aluminum. These are also a great option for when no good tree exists to hang your game camera on.

In some situations, they can be more useful than a post mount. For example, in areas where the ground is rocky, you may not be able to plant a post mount in the soil. A tripod mount is ideal for this situation. They are often adjustable in height.

The tripod mounts have the same issues that post mounts have as far as security goes. If you plan to use one, take care to ensure that your game camera is concealed as much as possible. Otherwise, you may return to find it gone.

Game Camera Pivoting Mount

A pivoting game camera mount is by far my favorite of the three. They offer the ability to position your game camera for the perfect angle, no matter how crooked that tree is. You can adjust them up or down and horizontally, depending upon what your needs are.

They will often mount to a tree with a couple of straps and can even be mounted to square posts. Normally, if you mount a game camera to a square fence post, you can only have your cam pointing in one of four directions. With a pivoting mount, you have the ability to point it in any direction.

Some of these pivoting mounts are manufactured specifically for a certain model of game camera. There are universal mounts, like the Primos 20/20 mount that will fit all brands of game cameras. While a manufacturer mount will give you an exact fit, I tend to lean toward the universal mounts, so I can use them with any number of game cameras that I own.

I've Love to Hear About Your Craziest Game Camera Photo!

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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 6 years ago from United States

      I am enjoying your tips on deer hunting or for that matter , any hunting. Keep up the interesting hubs.Good stuff.

    • GirlvivalistMeg profile image

      GirlvivalistMeg 6 years ago

      Thanks for the article! I've been thinking of getting a trail camera mount. This helped.