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Wildgame Innovations Red 6

Updated on April 3, 2012

My Game Camera Hobby

I have owned a lot of game cameras over the years. I'm almost embarrassed to say how many game cameras I currently own. Let's just say it is 'a bunch'. While I was initially drawn to game cameras to increase my chance for success while bow hunting, I quickly turned it into a year-round hobby. This hobby gives me an opportunity to spend time in the woods all year long.

Some people watch or photograph birds. I love capturing images and videos of deer, wild turkey, and other wild game that inhabits my area. It helps me to monitor the deer herd in the area, and I often see some very unique images.

If you want a challenge, or want to have some extra fun with your game cameras, set them out with the intention to capture unique events. Scout out your section of woods, and look for evidence of various types of game, and then try to capture images of them. For example, set a camera near the opening of a beaver den to capture unique images of beavers. You could also set a game camera on an then entrance of an unknown animal's den leading underground. Set a camera on a deer scrape to capture a competing buck coming in to work the scrape. The possibilities are endless.

Coyotes on Game Camera

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of | Source

My New Wildgame Innovations Red 6

I recently picked up a Wildgame Innovations Micro 6 Red, which was an inexpensive infrared digital game camera. I mentioned earlier that I have a large number of scouting cameras. Well, I don't usually pay top dollar for my game cams, and inexpensive (but good quality) cameras allows me to extend my arsenal without breaking the bank. I own a few game cameras that cost over $200.00, but most cost less. The Micro 6 Red was under $100.00, so I gladly picked it up and quickly put it into service.

I had been seeing a good amount of canine tracks on a muddy trail near a dense thicket in a nearby section of woods. I suspected they were coyotes, so I set up the Micro 6 Red with the intention of confirming my suspicions. Sure enough, the following week I captured the following infrared image of two coyotes on the trail heading out of the thicket. You can see one coyote easily on the left side of the image. The second coyote was further back in the middle of the frame, and is blending more with the surroundings.

The challenge was complete and I captured the images of the unknown suspect.

My Next Trail Cam Challenge

I recently located a fresh deer carcas in another small wood lot. It appears to have been harvested by a 'four-wheeled predator'. This wood lot is in the vicinity of a road, and I suspect it was hit by a passing truck. I noticed that some scavengers had already started feeding on the carcas. My next game camera challenge will be to record pictures and videos of the various carnivores that will come to feed on the carcas over the coming weeks.

The Benefits of a Trail Camera Hobby!

Trail cameras are often used by hunters, just prior and during the hunting season. There are numerous benefits to having a year-round trail camera hobby though.

  • It is Good Exercise.
    There is nothing like a good walk outdoors, especially in hilly terrain. Hiking is a great form of excercise, and having a trail camera hobby can get you outdoors and get you moving.
  • It is Educational.
    I have learned a lot about the native animals and plant life that inhabit the state that I reside in. I carry a wildlife guide book in my pack every time I enter the woods. This has helped me to identify numerous species of birds, trees, and plant life. I learn something new every time I enter the woods.
  • It is Therapeutic.
    We all need to unplug sometimes. We need to get away from the computer, the telephone, work, and the endless chores around the home. A nice hike through the woods, and away from all of the technical distractions of every day life, is a great way to remove stress.
  • It is a Great Family Activity.
    My children love to get out in the woods with me. For them it is an adventure. For me, it is an excellent way to spend quality time with the kids and allows me to educate them about the outdoors. It is a win-win for all of us.

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Micro 6 Red Video Samples

What is the most interesting image you have captured with your game camera?

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