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Lindsey Vonn: Best Women's Skier in US History

Updated on June 24, 2013


Lindsey Vonn: Best Women's Skier in US History

Lindsey Vonn is an American skier and World Cup winner in the world of skiing. She is part of US Ski Team who is competing in Canada in this years 2010 Winter Olympic. A native of Minnesota this 25 years old beauty and skillful alpine ski racer is really world class. She is the only and fist American and only woman to have won the Super G plus and The World Cup Discipline championship with awesome 31 World Cup wins in four areas --- downhill, Super G, slalom and Super combined. Lindsey Vonn also had two World championship gold and two silver medals.

Lindsey Vonn is the most successful American woman skier in World Cup history.

The spirit of this woman skier is awesome, she wasn't badgered by the injuries she suffered while playing and even come out the winner in numerous event.

Aside from her talent as a great skier she is also hot and beautiful.


Lindsey Vonn Best Women's Skier in US History 2008 Downhill Skiing Champion

Lindsey Vonn Best Women's Skier in US History
Lindsey Vonn Best Women's Skier in US History
Lindsey Vonn Best Women's Skier in US History
Lindsey Vonn Best Women's Skier in US History
Vonn Lindsey Best Women's Skier in US History
Vonn Lindsey Best Women's Skier in US History

Lindsey Vonn: Best Women's Skier in US History

  • Lindsey Vonn was born in Minnesota on October 18, 1984 and it was known that she started skiing at a very young age, 2 years old. She was trained very early at Erich Sailer's renowned development program at Buck hill -- which also produced slalom racer Kristina Koznick. She is married to a fellow athlete -- Thomas Vonn --- a former US ski team. the wedding took placed on 2007 at Utah, USA.

Early part of the career of Lindsey Vonn

  • It was in 1990, when Lindsey Vonn won in Italy Trope Topolino -- in the age bracket 11-14 (slalom). She was the first American to have won in that place. She made her first debut in World Cup one year after in 2000 at the age of 16. She then became part of US Ski Team
  • All in all she won in 31 race victories 17 downhill. 9 Super G, 2 slalom and 3 combined

World Cup Victories


  • 2008 ----- Overall
  • 2008 ---- Downhill
  • 2009 ----- Overall
  • 2009 ---- Downhill
  • 2009 --- Super G
  • 2010 --- Super G

Lindsey Vonn made her first debut in 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in both slalom and combined and she won sixth in combined. It was in March 2003 when she won a silver medal in downhill in Junior World Championship in France. On March 2004, Lindsey Vonn also was the downhill silver medalist at the U.S. Alpine Championships held in Wyoming === and in December 2004 again she won a World Cup for the first time in downhill event. She also won five World Cup in that same year.


  1. In 2005, Lindsey Vonn finished fourth places in both downhill and combined and this was held in Italy. She also won but only ninth place in Super G
  2. After four years after her first debut in 2002, she was injured in 2006 and she was brought to the hospital for whole day and after one day she fought and won eight place. She was then awarded the Olympic Spirit award -- meaning she was voted because of her tenacity and spirit still to fight the even even though she was hospitalized already.
  3. Lindsey Vonn won silver in both downhill and Super G in Sweden under the event "2007 World Championship". She again suffered another injury in 2007. She finished third in the women's World Cup in 2007 -- downhill and Duper G..
  4. It was in 2008 when Lindsey Vonn won the Overall World Cup title. She became the second American to have that title after Tamara Mckinney.
  5. Lindsey Vonn again became the World Champion in the downhill and also her second win in the Super G during the season. She also broke Tamara McKinney's record during this season. She broke the record after her nine World Cup wins. At the 2009 World Championship in France, Lindsey Vonn won her first world championship and became --- the first American woman -- to have the most win in World Cup.
  6. It was in December 2009 when Lindsey Vonn sustained an injury in her arms because of a crash during the opening of "The World Cup",; she just continued to participate even though she sustained injury because of her zeal to win. Despite her injuries she still won two downhills and a Super G in Austria last January 2010.


She is now considered second among American skiers with lots of World Cup wins and on January 2010 Lindsey Vonn was named "2009 Colorado Athlete of the Year".

Lindsey Vonn Best Women's Skier in US History first slalom win from Universal Sports


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