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Wayne Rooney: Have Manchester United fattened the goose? Is his new 5 year contract all it seems?

Updated on October 26, 2010

If you're like me then you would have been totally perplexed by recent events involving Wayne Rooney. The last week has been extremely confusing regarding his future at Manchester United with statements from both manager and player saying he wanted to leave the club, only for him to a have a change of heart and sign a new five year deal. Let's recap how Rooney's week has panned out.

Sunday 17th October

Rumours hit all of the major newspapers that Wayne Rooney will not sign a new contract with Manchester United and could possibly be sold as early as the January transfer window. All speculation at the minute.

Tuesday 19th October

Sir Alex Ferguson releases a statement confirming Wayne Rooney wants to leave the club. He says he hasn't had a fallout with the player and admits he's dumbfounded and disappointed by the whole affair.

Wednesday 20th October

Rooney breaks his silence and releases his own statement confirming his desire to move on. He confirms that no row between him and Ferguson has taken place and that his decision is due to lack of assurances regarding the future of the first team squad.

Thursday 21st October

Around 30 United fans in balaclavas congregate outside Rooney's house protesting against his decision and warning him not join bitter rivals Manchester City.

Friday 22nd October

In an incredible turn around Manchester United release a statement confirming Wayne Rooney has signed a contract extension which would take him up to 2015.

David Gill: Man Utd chief executive

So it's fair to say it's been quite an eventful week in the life of the the liverpool born striker but the question we're all asking is.... Just what the hell has been going through his head and why the u-turn?

Here's my take on it. It's based purely on my over active imagination but time will tell whether it has a grain of truth to it.

I personally think that a fall out between manager and player took place which lead to rooney stopping contract negotiations with United. After it came out this week in the paper both felt the need to release statements in which neither blamed the other (due to the pressure it would place on both) United then offer him a new contract and a healthy pay rise with a clause allowing him to leave for another club (as was rumoured with Ronaldo)

Far fetched possibly, but as the title says "Have Man Utd fattened the goose?" By extended Rooney's contract it reduces the possibility of him leaving for a lot less than his market value or running his contract down which would then let him leave for nothing.

What's in it for Rooney?

A mega pay rise, and an extended chance to think over where he feels his future lies i would guess.

As i said earlier it's all speculation on my part, but one thing is for certain, Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill (chief executive) have played a blinder. Whether he stays or goes United are holding all the aces. Feel free to leave your thoughts below. I'm genuinely interested to hear everyone's thoughts on the Rooney saga, whether you agree or disagree with my opinion. Thanks for reading.

Why he causes so much fuss

Is Wayne Rooney's new contract all it's cracked up to be?

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    • Fuller_legend profile image

      Fuller_legend 7 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England

      I think so too. Very strange turnaround.

    • profile image

      interested observer 7 years ago

      I think there is definately a clause in the contract. Wouldn't suprise me if he moves next season. Good hub.