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Under a Pirate's Flag

Updated on December 7, 2013

A Pirate's Sky

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

The Jolly Roger Flies

A black bearded pirate captain stands, at the wheel, upon his ship,

as his flag, the "Jolly Roger" flies, there a curl to come upon his lip.

"To guns, me hardees, and be quick", the dark one is heard to say.

the Golden Hen, source of English pride, Upon the horizon, did lay.

The pirate ship with its billowing sails, closed the distance very fast,

then the English ship's own captain, spied that Roger on her mast.

The English trader saw it too late, that dark pirate ship with its crew,

who was this new black intruder there, as upon their sides, it drew?

With fire and smoke, the cannons roared, so explosive in their sound,

The English vessel shuddered then and by the pirate ship was bound.

Pirates swarmed aboard their prize, blood curdling shouts were heard,

with sabers long and sharp they came, to a surrender without a sound.

"Hoist up a new flag, me hardees", the pirate captain, then did exclaim,

"The ships crew to be spared", and their heads bowing, without shame.

The pirates swapped over to better sails, in roaming the oceans, deep,

strong winds blow across the seas, and there's a pirate's oath to keep.

"Take all for yourself, and give to none", pirate ghosts were heard to say.

a big moon's high in a starry sky, and there are pirates still with us today.


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