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JaMarcus Russell is the PIMP of the Year!

Updated on October 21, 2009

Biggest shock of week 6?

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Pimp of the Year

17-28 224 1 TD 2 INT These are the kind of numbers studs like Manning, Brady, and Brees dream about, in their nightmares of course.But for JaMasuck Russell these are dream stats. A career type day putting up numbers he may never with his name again. Congrats Russell get on down with your bad self! Pop bottles, hug models, PARRRTTTAYYY! You may never have another game like this, live it up!


I have no idea what the (fill in your choice of four letter word here) is going on this season. 

  • Saints shred Giants
  • Raiders upset Eagles - I had thought Rams,Bills (Check my blog you can see for conformation that I am not making that up) and Lions had upset potential but Raiders over Eagles?! (Shakes head) I know the Raiders are underestimated but their Quarterback is so terrible fans wish the team could get their quarters ($61 million) back from his contract.
  • Steeler, Raven and Titan Defenses have not been terrorizing teams like one would have thought going into the season.
  • Jags beat the lowly Rams in OVERTIME.
  • Jets upset by the Bills in OVERTIME.

Ain't No One Better Than the Saints

The Saints go marching in!
The Saints go marching in!

Should the Saints be ranked at #1?

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Top 5 Teams

  1. Saints - 5-0 is a "Brees"
  2. Vikings - Old man Favre is a living legend
  3. Colts - Manning
  4. Broncos - Best Defense in NFL!
  5. Patriots - Can't win on the road but are ratings gold.

Chargers vs. Broncos

Should the Chiefs be in the bottom 5?

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Bottom 5 Teams

  • Lions
  • Browns - Oh Man-gini
  • Bucs - Fans have been using a word that rhyme with buc this season.
  • Rams - Oh so close... 
  • Titans - They look like they quit out there with the exception of Chris Johnson.

Tom Brady

Brady threw 5 touchdowns (in 1 quarter) effortlessly in the snow as Jeff Fisher looked on with envy wondering where the power defense he bulit last year has gone.Quarters like that are why he is married to a supermodel! 

Fat women need love too!

I have been primarly focusing on quarterback in my weelky recap hubs so this week I am making an effort to show the big boys some love.

  •  Saints Offensive Line- I am not sure a pack of ravneous wolves could have gotten to Brees last Sunday. 
  • Richard Seymour led the Raiders' defensive line attack. He finished with four tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble.
  • J. Peterson had 2.5 sacks.

Jeff Fisher

I guess drinking your troubles away has impaired your better judgment. Vince Young should start the rest of the season plain and simple. You have nothing to lose, I mean other than more games. 

It is bigfoot no no its Vince Young

Vince Young makes another guest appearence in a pathetic performance by million dollar athletes who are playing worst than some college teams.

0-2 and an interception good job! Don't have a break down, Vince we love you!  

Corey Webster

Misty Leigh McElroy/Correspondent
Misty Leigh McElroy/Correspondent


  • L.A. they will attempt to steal one of OUR NFL Franchises.
  • Matt Hasselbeck - He was tweeting about how his mom would be there and they were 16-0 since 2002 with her in attendence. Well Mommy left at half time and told reporters Hasselbeck was adopted. PATHETIC!
  • Bradshaw- Maybe it should be Jacobs here instead but Bradshaw is the sexy girl while Jacobs continues to get the role of the ugly friend unacceptable!
  • Ray Rice - Who are you? And what did you do to claim the role of solo back in Baltimore.
  • NFL Defenses - Apparently cornerback stands for give em slack. 
  • Matt Forte & Steve Slaton - Not living up to last years success but have improved at fumbling!
  • C.C. Brown - Didn't look like he was worth millions last week. Didn't look like he belonged on a football field.
  • Portis and Jackson - Failing to score this season.

Wesley Cheap Shot!


  • Eddie Royal scoring on a  kick return and a punt return becoming the 11th player in history to accomplish that feat.
  • Raiders winning - if the Eagles aren't going to call runs against a horrible run defense in a low scoring game they deserve to lose.
  • Ochocinco - Gave out 1,000 tickets for free before the game.
  • MDJ rushing for 3 TDs
  • Jason Campbell being benched.
  • 0-6 Titans


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    • Drew Breezzy profile imageAUTHOR

      Drew Breezzy 

      9 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      The Giants game was so bad I had to stop watching after 3 quarters. It was painful.

    • dohn121 profile image


      9 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Take it easy, Breezy (I like that). It's early yet! My Giants will rebound and the Saints will let down! They'll choke, ha ha (I hope). Why do I keep rhyming?

      Give it some time, my man. The Giants should check to see what Sehorn is doing these days (besides being married to Angie Harmon). We could use a good Strong Safety!


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