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What is the Lombardi Trophy?

Updated on January 6, 2017

The History Behind the Superbowl Trophy

So you're ready for the commercials, you've bought the food, invited the guests and planned the big party. You know all about both teams, you've either chosen a favorite or are still mourning the loss of your team from weeks gone by and you feign apathy. Rather you are a football fan or not, the Superbowl is an event that has become a national holiday (officially or unofficially)as it stands on it's own. You think you know all about it, but do you?

You probably have stats on each team, wins and losses. You predict everything from the final score to the point spreads. What penalty flags will be thrown and who will be favored by the refs. Your office pools have been done, bets have been placed, you say enough already, let the game begin! But what do you know about the trophy? What does anyone know about the history of the Superbowl trophy and just who was Vince Lombardi?

It all begin in 1967 when NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle sat down with Tiffany vice president Oscar Riedener over lunch at a bar in New York City. They were discussing the design for what was then known as the World Championship Trophy and what was sketched out on a cocktail napkin is the very same design we see today. I would love to have heard the conversation that took place between those two as the design was being sketched. Rather they came to a quick agreement or had a few more drinks and hashed it out, one can only speculate. In either case, the design stuck and is eye candy for billions each year as it is shown during the big game.

The Trophy received it's name after Green Bay coach, Vince Lombardi passed away in September of 1970. Lombardi coached Green Bay to win the first two Superbowls and is credited with 5 NFL championships.Before that it was simply known as the World Championship Trophy. The Trophy was first awarded with it's new name "The Vince Lombardi Trophy" to the Baltimore Colts following their win in SuperBowl V in Miami.

The Lombardi Trophy measures 22 inches tall, weighs in at 7 pounds and is made from sterling silver. Created at Tiffany, the prestigious award sports a regulation sized football in kicking position, complete with 3-D laces. Engraved on the base are the words: "Vince Lombardi Trophy" and the NFL logo. After the game, the trophy is sent back to the engraver to add the winning team's name.This trophy is made new each year along with a backup in case of damage. Once in possession of the winning team it will remain with them permanently.

The Making:

The detailed, intricate process that goes into the making of the trophy is an art by itself. Hand crafted using techniques that date back to the 1800's, the silversmiths at the shop in Parsippany, N.J. take great pride in their work. There is no assembly line cranking these things out, it takes 4 months from start to complete the trophy.

The Presentation:

The presentation of this award has changed over the last several years. Before 1996 the trophy was presented to the team inside the locker room. These days it has become much more of a public ceremony and is presented to the owner of the winning team on the field.

The Delivery:

This priceless treasure shall not be trusted in just any hands. That is why the folks at Tiffany have it securely delivered by an armored truck to it's destination. There it is placed in a vault overnight and on Friday, ownership is taken by the NFL in a ceremony.

So there you have it. So much more than just an eye catcher, who would have thought it had such a story behind it? Now that you have all the facts, pass the remote and some popcorn I'm ready for some football!.


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    • asherruth profile image

      asherruth 6 years ago

      Thanks Megan for the suggestion. I wish I could say this was just an oversite on my part and could be corrected, but sadly I have not been able to track down that elusive peace of information. If you happen to have it, please feel free to share. Thank you. And thank you so much for reading my hub and commenting.

    • profile image

      Megan 6 years ago

      Find out how wide the trophy is and put that in the discription.