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Who is the Greatest Boxer of All-Time Muhammad Ali or Manny Pacquiao

Updated on October 1, 2012

The accomplishments of Muhammad Ali:

Few decades ago, the planet witnessed the heroics of Muhammad Ali in the boxing ring. Ali’s rise to the pinnacle of the sport of boxing was mercurial and truly inspirational. He was an immovable force with his gloves, dominated almost his opponents that comes on his way, and hugged the boxing limelight during his heydays. Ali is a three-time World Heavyweight Champion, who once carried the name Cassius Clay when not yet converted to Muslim. He is considered to be one of the best boxers ever in the world. Many boxing fans and pundits all over the world even consider him as the greatest boxer that had ever lived. He was the 1960 Rome Summer Olympics gold medallist in the light heavyweight category and became the first ever boxer to win the most prestigious lineal heavyweight championship (the best ever on his weight category) not once, not twice, but yes three times.

Muhammad Ali's famous or popular quotations or quotes:

“It will be a killa... and a chilla... and a thrilla... when I get the gorilla in Manila"

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

"Rope a dope."

Muhammad Ali showing off is tenacious fighting form as he decked one of his opponents during his prime days...
Muhammad Ali showing off is tenacious fighting form as he decked one of his opponents during his prime days...

Carrying the moniker “The Greatest,” Ali figured in several memorable fights in the annals of boxing history. He battled Joe Frazier thrice and faced George Foreman once. His dramatic trilogy with Frazier started in a boxing bout dubbed as the “Fight of the Century,” last March 8, 1971. True enough the fight last the distance at 15th round with Frazier living up to his expectation and inflicting Ali his first ever loss as a professional boxer. But Ali was not to be discouraged as he got the chance to face his nemesis again by hacking out a hard-fought split decision over Ken Norton in 1973. The second fight between these two boxing behemoths saw the hungry Ali winning the bout via unanimous decision to even the score at one win a piece for both pugilists. And last but definitely not the least, the third bout between Ali and Frazier was held in Manila, Philippines in January 28, 1974 as the match was called “Thrilla in Manila”. Ali which is known for his trash talking throughout his career, even mocked at his opponent saying, “It will be a killa... and a chilla... and a thrilla... when I get the gorilla in Manila." Ali prevailed in fourteenth round cementing his status as one of the best boxers of all-time.

His match with Foreman was also very popular and also much anticipated. The fight between Foreman and Ali was dubbed as the “Rumble in the Jungle,” and was held in Kinshasa, Zaire last October 30, 1974. Ali was the underdog on this match but Lady Luck seemed to be smiling on him as he pulled one of the greatest upsets ever in the boxing history. Using his so-called “The Rope A Dope” tactics, Ali leaned on the ropes, shellacking himself with a tight defense and went onto absorb punches to his body. Ali also popularized the quotation, “"float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” referring to his uncanny techniques while fighting in the ring, that is, employing high-octane offense coupled with a very tough defense. All in all, Ali compiled a superb record of 56 wins, 5 losses and 37 of his wins was by way of knockouts (KOs).

Manny Pacquiao displaying the form that makes him a consummate boxer.
Manny Pacquiao displaying the form that makes him a consummate boxer.

Manny Pacquiao... the Filipino boxing ring icon...

The world truly was fascinated with Ali, but there is a name in boxing that also merits great consideration as not only one of the boxing greatest fighters but also the premier boxer in the planet to date. The boxer I am talking all about is Manny Pacquiao, the Philippine’s pride and hero. Pacquiao is a not just a work in progress but truly a class of his own. He stripped many world champions of their title belts and his illustrious list of victims falling prey to his sheer strength, sharp wits, lightning speed movements, variety of potent combinations and powerful punches, continues to grow. Larger than life it may seems, he toppled many great names in boxing like Mexicans Marco Antonio Barrera, the boxer with a granite chin Eric Morales, and the resilient Juan Manuel Marquez, and bigger and heftier opponents such as future Hall of Famer Oscar Dela Hoya, the British sensation Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto, the durable David Diaz, and just recently Joshua Clottey. He could’ve earned at least 25 Million dollars if only if his fight with scared Floyd Mayweather Jr. pushes through.

Here is a list of great accomplishments Manny Pacquiao accumulated in the boxing ring:

1. The current WBO World Welterweight reigning champion and The Ring’s World Junior Welterweight champion, and the world’s number 1 pound-for-pound boxer by The Ring and BoxRec.

2. Pacquiao was formerly the IBO World Junior Welterweight champion, WBC World Lightweight champion, WBC World Super Featherweight champion, IBF World Super Bantamweight champion, and WBC World Flyweight champion. Additionally, the Filipino champion is also the former The Ring, World Featherweight and World Super Featherweight champion.

3. Pacquiao is the first ever pugilist in history to bag seven world titles in seven different weight divisions. Moreover, he is the only boxer to win the much coveted and prestigious lineal championship in four various weight divisions. And the lists of great achievements doesn’t end their Pacquiao was declared as the 2000-2009 "Fighter of the Decade" by the Boxing Writers Association of America. Pacquiao improved his record to 8 world division titles in as many weight divisions.

4. Pacquiao holds a record of 51 Wins (38 by way of Knockout), 3 Loses, 2 Draws. Better winning percentage than Ali.


5. Just collared the WBC Super Welterweight World Title at the expense of Antonio Margarito. To become only the boxer in the planet to annex eight (8) world boxing titles in as many weight divisions.

6. He is also listed as the number one pound-for-pound boxer in the world by sporting news and boxing websites, including Sports Illustrated, ESPN, NBC Sports, Yahoo! Sports and

7. Won numerous citations and awards already.

Outside the ring

8. He is the current congressman on his native province Saranggani, Philippines.

If the accomplishments of the two will speak who is the greatest boxer of all time, Manny Pacquiao has the distinct edge between them.

Author's Note: This is my personal opinion...

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    • profile image

      Lee Paxton 5 years ago

      Pac-Man wouldn't even qualify, whereas, Ali is definitely a contender, but there are others as far as the heavyweights go, namely, Dempsey and J. Louis.

    • profile image

      Bobby 5 years ago

      Every great boxer is called by a name that can best describe his performance as a boxer and how the people want it to be. Manny Pacquaio has fought too many fights and is like he has the super power and technique that is why he is called "Pacman" from the popular game who defeats his opponents by eating them. Muhammad Ali during his times has proven his supremacy over the other excellent heavyweight boxers that is why he is called "The Greatest". Learn more here.

    • lukemike92 profile image

      lukemike92 5 years ago

      Good topic. Much as I hate to admit it, as I've always been more of a heavyweight boxing fan, (having watched most of my fights on ESPN Classic as traditional boxing unfortunately seems to be going the way of the Cowboy lately), while I certainly wouldn't deny the most popular boxers today are the two mentioned in your Hub, in terms of accomplishments in general I think Sugar Ray Robinson has to be regarded as amongst the greatest of all time, if not the greatest. Even if I hadn't read how he'd been ranked by most of the prominent boxing critics, just looking at his professional record makes it a hard fact to deny.

    • profile image

      may weather 5 years ago

      i admit, i am a coward brat

    • profile image

      Unknown 6 years ago

      It doesn't lower dignity, sports is mainly comparison and competition.

    • Fight Night Blog profile image

      Fight Night Blog 6 years ago

      It's always fun to compare, but neither are/were the greatest of all time. Sugar Ray Robinson was the greatest pound for pound boxer of all time and I doubt he will ever be surpassed.

    • profile image

      cat 6 years ago

      many is the is the best of all one ever can ever compete him in all of his achievements as a boxer...

    • profile image

      riversiderendel 6 years ago


    • profile image

      miles12345 6 years ago

      ali is great but paquiao is the greatest and mayweather is the greatest coward of all time.

    • profile image

      miles12345 6 years ago

      Floyd Mayweather is the coward boxer of all time, making many excuses because he really afraid to fight with manny paquiao.

    • profile image

      miles12345 6 years ago

      Ali is the great but Paquiao is the greatest.

    • profile image

      Rhaim 6 years ago

      you are a piece of shit floyd mayweather you talk too much! yet you are afraid to fight manny. when will you want to fight him? when he is old?... you suck

    • profile image

      miles12345 6 years ago

      Ali only dominating in Heavyweight Division, he is the greatest boxer in heavyweight division and not in several division like Manny Paquiao so Paquiao is the real Greatest Boxer of all Time.

    • profile image

      EFemane 6 years ago

      Ali is the forget it, go and sleep.

    • profile image

      Okoh efemena 6 years ago

      Ali for me is the great

    • profile image

      jerry brezuela 6 years ago

      paquio is the bravest boxer of all time...not afraid to fight tall and bigger boxers..

      in fact,eight tittles in eight defferent divisions.

      that makes him the greatest of all time.........

    • profile image

      Ali Khan 6 years ago

      Sure Ali is the only Champion so far who can fight and even dance in round 14 and 15 you all tell me who can do it and who has done it.

    • profile image

      dogord 6 years ago

      greatest showman? Ali. greatest boxer? Pacquiao. Biggest mistake in boxing? Mayweather.

    • profile image

      mayweather 6 years ago

      i think manny is great than ali...but me is the best of all time..come on manny lets fight so that bob arum would like to get in bed with me

    • profile image

      Moses william 6 years ago

      Even the unborn child knows Ali is the best

    • profile image

      dara 6 years ago

      I think Ali is the greatest forever.

    • profile image

      miles12345 6 years ago

      I want Manny Paquiao to be the greatest boxer of all time, he is a good man, a very humble boxer ever and a God fearing person. The only boxer who can give good example to his colleagues boxer and all his fans around the world.

    • profile image

      3 stars and a sun 6 years ago

      manny pacquiao is the greatest of all time. being undefeated doesn't matter. 8 division champ is no joke, mayweather cant do that. and many consider pacquiao as the most humble boxer of all time. pacquaio is the best when it comes in boxing and in attitude inside and outside the ring.

    • profile image

      Ali 6 years ago

      Manny pacquiao is a joke. I wouldn't even put him in the top 50. The guy hasn't fought a top contender in so many years, He drains his fighter before the fight, fights old fighters. I would say call him GLOAT. Greatest Lie Of All Time.

    • profile image

      jradhg 6 years ago

      i cant take this seriously! dont mention pacman as anywhere close to ali or the best ever.

    • profile image

      Mekaal 6 years ago

      Ali is the Best of all time,He is a super Hero & Legend of Boxing History.

    • profile image

      JVallin 6 years ago

      The only people that think Manny is the greatest ever are Filipino's and that called living in denial. Do you really think that Manny was greater than not only Muhammad Ali, but Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Henry Armstrong, Jack Johnson, Mike Tyson, Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano, Julio Cesar Chavez, Willie Pep, Harry Greb, Sam Langford, Roberto Duran, Hit Man Hearn’s, Bob Fitzsimmons, Salvador Sanchez, Ezzard Charles, Archie Moore, Sugar Ray Leonard, etc.., seriously is that what your saying LOL

    • profile image

      Super Mario 6 years ago

      NO NO NO Julio Ceaser Chavez is the Best of All Time

    • profile image

      Super Mario 6 years ago

      NO NO NO Julio Ceaser Chavez is the Best of All Time

    • profile image

      AUGIE LEWIS 6 years ago


    • profile image

      chucknorris20 6 years ago

      Mark your calendar, November 12, 2011 is the day Juan Manuel Marquez will retire.

    • profile image

      chucknorris20 6 years ago

      Chuck Norris rules!

    • profile image

      Koscheck 6 years ago

      Pacman is creating a history today. He will be declared a greatest boxer of all time. Mark this!

    • profile image

      hellloooo 6 years ago

      neither you idiots....neither one of these jokers even comes close to the best of all listed their 50 greatest boxers of all-time and recently stated that manny would crack the top 50 but not get any higher than 48th.....and this list was put together by all of the top boxing historians...number 1....Sugar Ray Robinson

    • profile image

      Fish ALI 6 years ago

      well iaccouding to my observation,Muhammed Ali is the best boxer of all times and the is no one who can take this away from him.The speed he he had was amazing,when in the ring you will think he was dancing.

    • profile image

      Lil Trendy 6 years ago

      manny pacquiaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tha death of me

    • profile image

      ih8bumz 6 years ago

      manny is a bum and almost as overrated as ali . holyfield or lewis would have destroyed them. 4get weight classes. Iron Mike at 18 yo

    • profile image

      jl 6 years ago

      ... it appears that floyd jr is afraid of pacqiuo. his many excuses justifies this. after floyd defeated mosley he said that he is easy to find, unfortunately up now he is nowhere to find. he still behind hs alibi, accusing pacmac of taking steroid. on his head he hes been wondering how pacman demolishes his opponents . he wonders on the strength & the skills of pacman... pacman is willing to take drug test that floyd jr requested but now floyd says that he does not need pacman. he might be too scared to to have his first lost with pacman....

    • profile image

      pacman 6 years ago

      manny paquiao is the greatest boxer in the history of boxing no one can brake his record.

    • profile image

      kimpatrick7391 6 years ago

      the greatest boxer is the one who give inspiration and the one who accomplish something even outside of the ring...

      i will choose manny because he did not just did great thing in the ping he also promote it and gives inspiration to other...

    • profile image

      Joe louis 6 years ago

      For me joe louis and pound 4 pound king manny pacquiao are the best boxers of all time.

    • profile image

      JP 6 years ago

      if floyd mayweather dont need pacquiao he's scared,

      how do you became a greatest boxer if you don't figt the greatest fighter like pacquiao!

    • profile image

      AliPacFanatic 6 years ago

      I have downloaded AAAALLLLLLL of Ali's available professional and amateur fight footage, and I have a collection of Manny's fights as well. I am a Filipino. But setting aside racial bias, I can say that Ali's fights are more fascinating than my Filipino brother Pacman. Ali is the only person who showed such reflex that is incomparable to any boxer. I even saw a fight where Ali dodged 7 speedy-punches with his hands down and said, "Is that all you got?!" Man it's incredible. And on one amateur fight, Ali TKOed a boxer with 15 punches that all landed a direct hit on the opponent's torso and head. And mind you, those punches were too fast that if you will watch it on your computer with a stopwatch, those 15 punches were released in not more than 3 seconds. I shook my head in disbelief and I am convinced that none of my friends will believe me unless I show them the video. And that's why it is never deleted on my iPod to show them the proof. lol.. anyway, this generation is Pacman's. He is the best fighter that we have today. No one has really dominated Manny. Check all the fights that he lost, you will see that he was not what he normally is when he is in the ring. Check it for yourself.

    • profile image

      Boxing Expert 6 years ago

      Manny is the all time greatest boxer in the world. Ali is overrated.

    • profile image

      The Judgment 6 years ago

      Guys WHY in the hell would u give a reason why mayweather is good just cuz he has money.........GUYS u all forgetting that boxing was made for ppl as entertainment becuz its funny and exciting to look at boxers fight each other out. Ppl in the old days think that they look like a clown but in this era and boxing era's it wasn't it was a purpose to show strength and sportsmanship. Ali was its greatest becuz of his time,but u can't compare on two different divisions especially in a big weights. Now manny is like our Ali in our Era becuz he show sportsmanship as Ali was.....u can't compare them by greatest but there potential to be a great boxer. Now for u all to talk big about how manny isn't best becuz he is apparently compared by the so called "mayweather" and equal as him.....well he isn't. Now lemme ask u why hasn't mayweather agree on accepting the challenge nor challenge manny?...Well u see if u answer me that mayweather is being smart not to accept it!! Then why the hell do u talk so much BS about manny not fighting a coward who just literary tries to avoid a lose. Cmon now that ain't sportsmanship at all.....a person who dedicates his life and cherish a sport needs to keep his head on in any obstacle wether he loses or win. a person who is careful about losing and losing money is just plain cowardly. Now to say "Amen All!!" ~To all u who thinks im defending how great manny is well im not since im not a fan of him and i hate him as well for a reason but i can't stand true talent and reality~

    • profile image

      Dominic 6 years ago

      Bro give me some pointers of the Civil Service exam 2011

    • profile image

      race-is 6 years ago

      porch monkey's always talks bs! f+*k black american boxing style, f*** bernard hopkins, roy jones, ali and floyd.. f**kin negros know sh*t!! it's midget filipino style of boxing on top of the food chain now! lmao

    • profile image

      ebliss 6 years ago

      manny doesn't need to prove himself to be the greatest boxer of his time, even if all of us are hungry for this pacquiao-mayweather bout, manny is far better than floyd when it comes to achievements, career, personal life and character.Sad to say that the greatest boxer in the world (and still getting better and better)comes from a third world country not in the u.s

    • profile image

      ebliss 6 years ago

      For all of us who comment on who is the greatest boxer is up to us individuals who do we think really is the real champ,be based on records,stats,publicity, or money earned. What manny possess that no one (esp ali)has is HUMILITY and he always place God in the center. Most of the great boxers you mention (esp ali and maywetaher)are boastful/proud.

    • profile image

      luzvimnda 6 years ago

      "For the land of the Free and the home of the BRAVE" Mayweather is an american and he is living in a free country,it is expected to him to at least to be true and live the word sung by every american.America is not the home of the is shameful and un honorable to Pretty boy Mayweather to live in the land of the brave.

    • lcsalazar profile image

      lcsalazar 6 years ago from Stockton, California

      My all time great would be Roy Jones Jr. Out of Ali and Pacquiao, I say Pacquiao. I don't see how a man can rule one weight class and be the greatest of all time. Greatest at his weight, yea, althouh I believe a prime Tyson would defeat Ali with ease. I love Ali don't get me wrong but the fighters from then are in no comparison to now. On paper yes, but they didn't have the ability of boxers from this generation. I mean they didn't even know how to cut off the ring, they let Ali dance all over them. For me Ali was the greatest of his era but what the new generation did was take Ali's style and mastered it. Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones, Pernell Whitaker, everybody learned from who was previously the best (Ali). And for aggressive fighters they took the old Ali who didn't dance around as much and found that speed kills and so does having a higher output of punches then your other opponent.

    • mattpont profile image

      mattpont 6 years ago

      Ali had it all, ability, showmanship and charisma.

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 6 years ago from Bangladesh

      I like Muhammad Ali...He was great Boxer.

    • profile image

      vespasian 6 years ago

      ahhh muhammed ali, wat can one say about such a unique human bieng, the most remarkable human fighting machine with the speed and reflexes of a savana leopard,the heart of a lion,with a tongue so articulate and a mind so quick that politicians and poets were humbled, a comedian that put to shame other comedians, and one of the most beutifull of people the world will ever see, one of very few human biengs that really did shook up the world,God bless him and extend his life, for the world would really be a dull place without him

    • profile image

      socrates 6 years ago

      this is really very interesting my side.. you can see greatness not only to what someone achieved or what he contributed into the society.. wed forgotten something here.. the word courage.. the question of how they achieved..or how they contributed..US wins war is a normal thing, but vietnam wins a war against US..that is another thing..and that is because of courage why they achieved that..and that is a great act as well. Poverty? both Ali & Pacquiao had experienced,. Discrimination? both of them had experienced.. but i know something that will make them different to each other.. that is the guts to fight. black are known for being strong, fighter, braveheart..huge body, and has a big structure of bones.. southeast asians doesn't have that guts.. but still Pacquiao keeps on bringing us the victory.. that's the reason why for me he is the GREATEST boxer had ever yet existed in the planet..its like Philippines wins war against America, it sounds funny..because everybody knows that it is not going to happen. but in the world of sports, specially in boxing...where everybody have a chance to prove themselves.. i think Pacquiao had proven it..not for you but for us.but even you should fancy him for that.. that even "small guys" like us. can win a battle against big guys like you..its only a matter of courage.. the more courage you have the more greatness you will be known as.. so long victory for Pacman..

    • profile image

      craig glaim 6 years ago

      My hat is off to Manny, best pound 4 pound... no argument there, but the best of all time... I got 2 words for you all " ROCKY MARCIANO " Fold up your lap tops and go home... Pretty boy smacked his ol' lady around because she told him he could no longer hide under her skirt when he heard Mannys name mentioned.. Manny destroyed DeLa Hoya, where pretty boy nearly lost a split decision... MANNY IS THE MAN!!

    • profile image

      Superman 6 years ago

      i think i am the best of all of them

    • profile image

      kasmot 6 years ago

      Rambo is the best................wahahhahaha

    • profile image

      budda 6 years ago

      stallone is the best... rocky boy

    • profile image

      ilonggo 6 years ago

      Manny is the best fighter of all time. Mayweather's chicken shit.

    • TroyM profile image

      TroyM 7 years ago

      Ali is best boxer all time. He is the only champ. He is real hero. Like hub.

    • profile image

      richtan 7 years ago

      For me Manny Pacquiao is the best boxer of all time, when it comes to achievements Manny is better fighter than Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and recently Floyd Mayweather Jr. I'm not doubt who is the best.

    • profile image

      mike tyson 7 years ago

      many pacman is the greatest boxer in the universe because no one human being did like that he win 8 titles in different weight even he was a small guy.,.,its very imposible to us ...i think GOD'S given him a POWER to did like that!

    • CMerritt profile image

      Chris Merritt 7 years ago from Pendleton, Indiana

      You got me thinking about the good ol days of boxing. Ali WAS the greatest...but, Frazire, Foreman,Norton, Holmes, Spinx....Sugar Ray Lenard, Duran, Hagler....THAT was boxing at it's finest...

    • profile image

      Jude Anthony 7 years ago

      Many spent almost his carrer beating Bigger and Taller guys than him, and many of that guys are world champions. Manny beat not less than 15 world chapions and at least 10 future hall of famer. He has a boxing record I think no one can beat in many decades to come. 10 time world champion in 8 weight divisions. He is the most popular boxer in the world, the most exciting boxer as they have said.

      Manny is not just a champion above the ring. He is very humble despite the success he have receive. He became a hero in his country. Manny for the record, gives zero crime rate in the entire Philippines evrytime he has a fight. Even pundits declare a ceasefire in honor of him. That's what true great means. Pacquiao is fighting for the peope of his country and in honor of his fans all over the world as well. I believe he is the greatest of all time. He is one of the best we have ever seen in boxing history.

    • profile image

      the box 7 years ago

      floyd is a chicken...the coward boxer of all time ...what a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      mike hogan 7 years ago

      manny is the best and greatest fighter...

    • profile image

      Fabrigas 7 years ago

      Floyd mayweather jr. Style is like a basketball player who wants to score being in the free throw line to win a game. Wow how exciting. As what jake said floyd mayweather beating his bitches to duck and duck and duck manny pacquiao. What a shame to fpb. You truly make chicken right.

    • profile image

      Jake the snake 7 years ago

      No doubt pacquiao is the greatest boxer ever. Record dont mean a sht. Wether your undefeated(ex. Floyd mayweather jr.) or won 100 fights ore more(ex. Robinson, chavez etc)..


      Undefeated? Fought average fighter and some well known fighter and duck the biggest threat. Like fpb ducked pacquiao for many years. Making excuses with blood test, beating his wife etc.. To make excuses for ducking.

      100 wins or more: as for robinson. He is truly a top 3 boxer ever. But Most of his wins that he fought his opponent for 5 to 8 times that's why manage to have a 100+ win record.

      Ali for me is second to my list

    • profile image

      fan 7 years ago

      chuck norris is the best!

    • profile image

      truth hurts 7 years ago

      for me is the great julio cesar chavez retired in his twenty-fifth year as a professional boxer with a record of 107 wins, 6 losses and 2 draws, with 86 knockouts, and a reputation as one of the best boxers of all time. He holds records for most successful consecutive defenses of world titles (27), most title fights (37), most title-fight victories (31), and most title defenses won by knockout (21). Chávez also has the longest undefeated streak in boxing history, 13 years. His record was 89-0-1 going into his first loss to Frankie Randall and had an 87 fight win streak until his draw with Whitaker.[22] He was ranked #50 on Ring Magazine's list of "100 greatest punchers of all time". As an in-fighter or swarmer, Julio César Chávez was renowned specially for his devastating left hook and his ability to take a punch due his extremly strong chin. In 2002, The Ring ranked Chávez as the 18th greatest fighter of the last 80 years. On December 7, 2010, his induction to the International Boxing Hall of Fame was announced.

    • earthbound1974 profile image

      earthbound1974 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      I like your word "scared" pertaining to Floyd, Jr., kabayan. For the Philippines' greatest, it should be Flash Elorde and Manny Paquiao.

    • S.Graveson profile image

      S.Graveson 7 years ago from Cumbria, UK

      Personally I'd say one of Robinson, Armstrong, Langford, Duran and Greb. Can't really ever split them for long though =/.

    • profile image

      The One 7 years ago

      Sugar Ray Robinson was the best. Was a Real Champ. Manny is pretty good but not the greatest.

    • profile image

      Vergel C. Vejerano 7 years ago

      boxing is being guarded by mayweather by not fighting pacquiao. if pacquiao is american, mayweather have long fought him and it will not matter if he lose. just like what have said before that basketball is jordan and golf is tiger woods, it does not matter if they were to be replace by kobe or lebron coz they are americans. if pacquiao is black american, floyd have fought him already because ali will be just replaced by an american and it will not be a big deal, think about it.

    • profile image

      SmokinKnuckles 7 years ago

      If Manny and Floyed where to be shceduled to fight, I would bet 10against5 for Manny. S10,000 for Manny vs S5,000 for Floyed! How's that ha!? You wanna bet!?

    • profile image

      Cristopher Ubando 7 years ago

      no more nonsense talks manny pacquiao is the most sensational and exciting fighter of all time.. he is the reason why people who loves boxing turns back there interest....

    • profile image

      mario costiniano 7 years ago

      manny paquiao is the greatest boxer of all time, having an achievement of 8th title in 8th weight different division is not a joke and also beating a giant tremendous boxer,the new superstar of boxing is born that came from the 3rd world coutry philippines.

    • profile image

      ric983I 7 years ago

      I think, it can distinct who is the greatest boxer of all-time.. no matter what era it is.. its possible! wen u say basketball? jordan, tennis? federer, golf? tiger woods.. I luv pacquiao so much.. but as of now.. i consider Ali is d geatest.. If manny beats Mayweather, discussions & debates r all over!

    • profile image

      Joe Frazier 7 years ago

      however Pacman(manny) and Ali R the best....

    • profile image

      Mike Kaup 7 years ago

      I believe that for technical skill and excitement Suger Ray Robinson was the best. I believe that the best SPORTSMAN in boxing was Floyd Patterson. I also believe Floyd Patterson was the finest MAN in boxing. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting him after attending church in Seattle. I also watched him spar there.

    • profile image

      windglyder 7 years ago


      Pacman was the best boxer the past decade and may still dominate for a few more years. With what he accomplished, he proved that he is one of the many great boxers in history.

    • GeneralHowitzer profile image

      Gener Geminiano 7 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      @windglyder, and Mark

      Yeah... I said this is a personal opinion. But on the other hand the record of Pacman will speak for himself, eight world boxing titles in 8 weight divisions, hehehe, I will no longer wonder why Mayweather is afraid of Pacquiao... :)

      @everyone else... thanks a lot for the time and kind comments...

    • profile image

      windglyder 7 years ago

      There's a great boxer for every decade. No such thing as the greatest boxer of all time. Naming one would be subject to endless debates.

    • AutumnLockwood profile image

      AutumnLockwood 7 years ago from Northern California

      Pacquiao is the greatest boxer ever! Mayweather must have been very scared watching Margarito toppled by Pacquiao a few hours ago.

    • profile image

      Mark 7 years ago

      Gotta be kidding me. If anyone doesn't know Pacquiao who's just been hyped up by the media, then you must be crazy. Watch what Floyd makes Pac look like.

    • profile image

      torogi25 7 years ago

      manny is for many floyd is for spoiled

    • Joe Badtoe profile image

      Joe Badtoe 7 years ago from UK

      It's impossible to say who is the best boxer because of the weight divisons in boxing. Manny and Floyd are both world class in their weight Ali was the greatest of the Heavyweights. Sugar Ray and Hagler were also two of the best. All of the above were professionals. What about the best amateur? I can think of two and they're both Cuban.

    • profile image

      Kevin 7 years ago

      The Pacman,Ali,Forman,Roy jones jr,Ray Lenard,Mike Tyson, were great but the BEST,NO DOUBT P4P KING,THE GREATEST BOXER WHO EVER WALKED ON THE PLANET EARTH IS...Sugar Ray Robinson!!! It's a fact let the talk END!!!

    • profile image

      quirinocmianojr09 7 years ago

      nice hub. for me manny pacquiao is the best boxer ever.

    • profile image

      paCMan 7 years ago

      pacquiao is simly the greatest boxer of all time!

    • mquee profile image

      mquee 8 years ago from Columbia, SC

      A fighter or any athlete for that matter can only truly be judged by what he or she contributes to the era in which they participated. I believe that the media loves to use adjectives like; pound for pound the best fighter, the greatest of all time, hands of stone, and so on as selling points to create a larger viewership.

      There are a few fighters that have helped keep fan interest high in boxing during their time. Both Ali and Manny have done this during their careers, helping to keep boxing alive.

      I am old enough to have seen just about all of Ali's fights as well as those of Manny. I respect the talents of both fighters, but both had more than fighting talent, because there have been countless fighters with great talent. Best judged are these fighters when they had the tough fights and when it took real courage and determination to keep going. This is what separates the good, the best, and the greatest. This is what makes Ali and Manny two of only a handful of fighters worthy of belonging to the group of the greatest.

    • denden mangubat profile image

      denden mangubat 8 years ago from liloan, cebu, philippines

      if manny and ali will fight i think manny wins,what do you think in my article

    • profile image

      NYCfinest 8 years ago

      Ur way off BayArea, just another wild Pacman fan. I know people may not love him as much, but Mayweather made more in his last 3 fights than Paciao did in 10 years. Pacuiao's net worth is 21 million. Mayweather's net worth is 200 MILLION. Look it up. Mayweather is a smarter guy, better businessman, and better boxer. Love Pacquiao all yu want. I like him too, but no need to make BS up.

    • profile image

      BayArea 8 years ago

      money mayweather does not make more than pacquiao!!!!!!! just look at forbes magizine for the list of the richest athletes to date!!!!!!!!! with that said pacquiao should call himself money! haha

    • Michael Adams1959 profile image

      Isaiah Michael 8 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

      I never liked him at the time but I have to go with Ali. He was a true champion even with his mouth. One day suffering from his parkinson's he was back home in Louisville, he and his wife were Christmas shopping and he got tired and decided to sit on a bench awhile. His wife walked over to another store for a minute and returned to find him signing autographs for kids. He sat there for 2 hours signing and thanked each and everyone for asking him to sign his name. He said that was one of the greatest blessings he had ever had that people would still want his autograph

    • profile image

      Joshua 8 years ago

      Sugar Ray Robinson

    • optimus grimlock profile image

      optimus grimlock 8 years ago

      he fought vitali 12rnd split but not his brother vlad!

    • Omagneous profile image

      Omagneous 8 years ago from D.M.V. (DC, MD, VA)

      Simply put, no man has had a more profound impact on his sport (besides Michael Jordan and Tiger woods) than Mr. Ali. Muhammad Ali fought in and out of the ring for his respect and right to practice his own religion. Add that to the fact that he fought in the golden age of heavy weight boxing, and defeated all the heavyweights that could've been the "best ever" had Ali not existed. The next fair argument goes for Floyd "money' Mayweather. Whatever you opinion on him is, he's still undefeated. If/when he fights Manny, that will solidify him in the boxing ranks.

    • platinumOwl4 profile image

      platinumOwl4 8 years ago

      All of these fighter display greatness, However, there were great fighter in almost every era. Jack Johnson, Floyd Patterson, Sonny Liston, Joe Louis and more. Each presents his Own flavor of Greatness.


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