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Who will Win the FIFA 2010 World Cup/Who And Which Country Won the 2010 World Cup

Updated on July 12, 2011

Who won the FIFA 2010 World Cup

UPDATE Who Won the FIFA 2010 World Cup

On Sunday 11th July 2010 Spain won the 2010 World Cup final against the Netherlands. In the match Spain were the team trying to play decent football - Holland trying to stop Spain. In the first half particularly Holland played dirty and committed lots of horrible fouls and at least two players should have been sent off by the English referee Howard Webb. It did get a little better in the second half and the game became quite close although Spain were the better side.

The game went to extra time and after the 116 minutes Iniesta scored a goal for Spain and I think the whole world rejoiced. It was a victory for football!

Well done Spain - maybe in England we can have as good as side as you (OK maybe that is being a little optimistic!)

Final Spain 1 - Netherlands 0 after extra time Iniesta goal 116th minute ref Howard Webb!

Who will win the 2010 World Cup

With the World Cup coming up soon I thought I would write out my predictions for the FIFA 2010 World Cup which is in South Africa in June and July. I will talk about what countries to look out for and also feature some stranger choices who may be dark horses as well.

Also there is a poll below and I want to see who the whole world thinks is going to win the World Cup so pass this on and see who people think will the 2010 World Cup!

If you want to join in the fun find out about some of the best 2010 world cup merchandise including books, clothing, video games and more so you can enjoy the world cup even more and keep football fever after the event!

To find out about the latest poll results and for a more in depth look at the poll I have a new hub Who You Think Will Win the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

Who Do You Think Will Win the World Cup?

Who will win the World Cup

See results

Looking at the Poll

The response to this poll has been great and as I write this there have been 222 votes in less than a month. Please share this this article with your friends and make sure they vote. I want to see who everyone in the world thinks will win!

So far it looks like Spain are the most popular nation by quite a long way with 20% of the votes, then Brazil with 15%, Argentina with 14% and then England with 13%! I have looked at this poll in much more detail in my hub titled Who You Think Will Win the FIFA 2010 World Cup

World Cup Groups

FIFA 2010 World Cup Groups From
FIFA 2010 World Cup Groups From


This section is about the countries which are expected to win as they often do well and have some great players.

Brazil are going to be popular and many people will probably think they will win the tournament this year as they have won it so many times. They have some incredible players too. However even in the group stages they have to face the Ivory Coast and Portugal who are both very good sides.

Spain will also be expected to do very well and I think they will at least reach the semi final and will very likely get to the final. With players like Fabregas, Torres and Villa along with many others they should be rated as one of the best teams in the world.

Nelson Mandela with the World Cup as South Africa are the host nation of the 2010 World Cup
Nelson Mandela with the World Cup as South Africa are the host nation of the 2010 World Cup
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo


There are many other countries with good squads though who might be able to do well in the World Cup.

England have a very easy group and as always have some brilliant players. Fabio Capello seems to have helped a lot and now they could be an outside favourite!

Portugal are also a very good side with the fantastic Cristiano Ronaldo and can be a tough team to beat!

Germany don`t have that good a set of players but they always do well and as we all know the German`s never give up and are a very strong side who came third in the last World Cup although they were the host nation.

I think the Ivory Coast could be the dark horse though with a strong side with a few great players including Drogba. They could beat a lot of the favourites and get very far!

Other teams to watch out for include Holland and Italy who could both do very well. Also you can not write off Argentina with just a certain Lionel Messi, Tevez and a few other quality players!

South Africa may also be worth a mention considering they are the host nation of the 2010 World Cup

Lionel Messi Great Goals Video

Video featuring Lionel Messi, probably the best player in the world scoring some fantastic goals.  The goals at the top are brilliant!  Watch out for him at the World Cup!

Overall I don`t think there has ever been so many teams who could do so well in a World Cup with all the teams listed here being possible winners I think it could be a very exciting and nerve racking World Cup! With "weaker" countries like the Ivory Coast, countries who have not won for many years England, the favourites and the host nation among others there are many geniune contenders for the World Cup and many teams that could easily get to the semi final!  

So there are my predictions for the World Cup.  

My Opinion on Who Will the World Cup

I am hoping for England to win the World Cup but while they may get very far I think Spain will probably win the competition this year as they have so many strong players like Torres, Alonso, Villa, Casillas, Puyol, Iniesta, Fabregas, Pique and more who are all world class players and they are a very good side who also play decent football so I would not really mind if they won!


If you like this please share it with your friends and to everyone online!

Also we want to see the whole world to vote for who they think will win the World Cup and we will keep updating the latest results until the final finishes at the 2010 World Cup! So go on share it and encourage your friends to vote!

World Cup picture
World Cup picture


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    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 7 years ago from UK - England

      AND Just an update that Spain WON the 2010 World Cup!

      CONGRATULATIONS ESPANA ON YOUR FIRST WORLD CUP WIN - Note to self - Why are England so cr*p?

    • profile image

      Dutchman 7 years ago

      Hup Holland, by 2 goals

    • profile image

      aswinkumar 7 years ago

      spain will win

    • profile image

      MyName 7 years ago

      @ dont matter:

      that would be a great final!

      if we lose against spain your

      country is my favorite.

      greetz from germany

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 7 years ago from UK - England

      I now think Holland are going to win too! I can't believe Brazil have been knocked out already! I also feel really sorry for Ghana!

    • profile image

      dont matter 7 years ago

      the Netherlands is definately going to win the world cup. they have already beat Brazil and argentina is already down too. So I would really like it to see Holland vs Germany in final. Hup Holland Hup! Make us proud!

    • profile image

      kelsie 7 years ago

      brazil lost today i was like omg they actally lost

      i wanted portugal to win beacsue critiano ronaldo is so cute lol

    • profile image

      th Marji singh 7 years ago

      My favorites to win are definitely Germany, as they just have such a talented squad. Though Torres' injury is concerning for them.

      That said, there are many teams that could win this tournament.

    • profile image

      Abdel Aziz 7 years ago

      My Idea, these are 4 best Football Teams in this year and in 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, Argentine, Netherlands, Brazil and Spain.

      Finally, Argentine will win the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010, it is for Maradona again and Messi is a good player this year and in South Africa 2010 like Maradona in Mexico 86. History repeats itself (Sometimes). For more information look at this page:

    • profile image

      Brock  7 years ago

      Repeat!!!! ITALY

    • profile image

      Narender 8 years ago

      England, Germany or Spain...onlyyyyyyyyyy

    • Donnacha C profile image

      Donnacha C 8 years ago from Ennis, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland

      Don`t forget how shaky Argentinia`s defence looked at times...Nigeria got through easily on more then one occasion, shame they couldn`t finish off those chances...

    • WEBB Works profile image

      WEBB Works 8 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Argentina looked good today, but they just couldn't finish. I think they have a great chance to win and Spain probably should be in there with anyone. I don't think Brazil has their best squad though, but they always do come up big (5 time champions and all...)

    • profile image

      Chad 8 years ago

      Argentina or Spain. I think both will reach the finals. We will then see who will carry the cup.

    • profile image

      (= 8 years ago


    • profile image

      TEFERI KETEMA 8 years ago


    • profile image

      unknown 8 years ago

      why hasn't anyone mentioned the netherlands yet? I'm not dutch, but I do believe they have a great chance to win this time. They've had bad luck over the last few years, but they will kick ass this year! watch my words :)

    • profile image

      Nwadike Jude C 8 years ago

      Argentina will carry the cup

    • abidareacode profile image

      abidareacode 8 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India

      I think Spain or Portugal will lift it this time.

    • profile image

      hadeer 8 years ago

      viva egypt !!!

    • profile image

      click 123 8 years ago

      i think england all the way i mean we got lennon terry carrahers back we got stevey g and more

    • ronaldoh profile image

      ronaldoh 8 years ago from England

      Interesting that all the countries have at least a vote!

    • profile image

      zobor 8 years ago

      listen everybody we need something new why does it always have to be Brazil? this time its gonna be either spain or argintina. hell not england or italy.

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 8 years ago from UK - England

      Yes Betty I think the Ivory Coast could do well and it would make a nice change!

    • Betty Reid profile image

      Betty Reid 8 years ago from Texas

      I'd love to see the Ivory Coast win. "No African team has ever made a World Cup final, and they are the best of the African teams in the tournament."

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 8 years ago from UK - England

      Yes thanks OpenCart for your comment. I agree exactly with your comment. However as you say anything can happen in football so you never know Spain may be knocked out by Chile if Chile play their very best, Spain play incredibly bad and score an own goal!

      In seriousness though they can be knocked out but it will be hard and if they play their best I think they will easily win!

    • profile image

      OpenCart 8 years ago

      No team is unbeatable but Spain has only been defeated once in their last 50 games or so, and that was against the US. They still don't know how they did, but they did. When you have seen football for ages, you know this kind of things happens.

      If you did not see the match, you may get to an incorrect conclusion. The US were not superior to Spain at all. It is only that Spain played his worse match in more than 10 years (I promise) while the US did great. Still that is not enough for the US to beat Spain, but they were lucky while Spain wasn't at all. That's all.

      Anyway, 1 defeat in the last 50 games. If you happen to find another team 'round with this amazing long term stats, just let me know. Not to mention their players (all stars) and gameplay. Superb, dude, superb.

    • profile image

      Vic 8 years ago

      Why Spain? Enjoyed watching them lose to the USA in the Confed Cup last year! They are not unbeatable, and crack under pressure...

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 8 years ago from UK - England

      Yes I agree with your comments MAMBORD. There are so many potential winners as I have discussed in this hub.

      However I do think Spain will win the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa!

    • MAMBORD profile image

      MAMBORD 8 years ago from spain

      Good work ! I think is really difficult so say who will win next summer. Argentina has a speed attack, and a manager not very steady. Germany and Italy, I don't know exactly why, always reach semi finals. England seem to have got its own system with Capello. Brazil won a cup against Spain and Italy last year, don't forget it. Russia and Holland made a good European Championship on 2008.

      One mistake and you are out. The winner has to do it perfect. I hope it will be Spain.

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 8 years ago from UK - England

      @DWG That's the spirit!

    • DMWG profile image

      DMWG 8 years ago

      Come on England! Lets carry on the winning mentality from the cricketers!!

    • profile image

      piyush 8 years ago

      see the list of world cup football champions

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 8 years ago from UK - England

      Phoenix - I hope not!

    • phoenixgbr profile image

      phoenixgbr 8 years ago

      I would prefer England to win and on paper Spain have the strongest team but I have a horrible feeling that Germany are going to be hard to beat this time round even though they have a weak squad

    • jayjay40 profile image

      jayjay40 8 years ago from Bristol England

      Great hub and good information. I hope England do well but I expect the Germans or Brazilians will win.

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 8 years ago from UK - England

      I agree completely with your comment! I think Spain probably will win it but so many other sides could too! I am so excited for the World Cup! Thanks for commenting!

    • Digital Alchemist profile image

      Digital Alchemist 8 years ago from New York, NY

      My favorites to win are definitely Spain, as they just have such a talented squad. Though Torres' injury is concerning for them.

      That said, there are many teams that could win this tournament. I don't think there's an overwhelming favorite, and I could make a case for about 10 teams winning it (England definitely being one of them).

      Six weeks from today, can't wait!

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 8 years ago from UK - England

      Leave any comments about who you feel will win the world cup!


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