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Why Carmelo Anthony should sign with the Chicago Bulls

Updated on December 3, 2014

Just the fit

Maybe the best place for him
Maybe the best place for him | Source

The best chance to win championships

During all star weekend it was reported that Joakim Noah reached out to Carmelo Anthony in an effort to persuade him into signing with the Chicago Bulls during free agency. While it would seem that it maybe a long shots for the Bulls to sign Anthony, It will not be due to a lack of trying. Long has the Chicago Bulls organization reached out to Derrick Rose to attempt to recruit star players to join the Bulls. Rose has taken the stance that he will not try to recruit players for the team. With Derrick Rose out and Luol Deng no longer with the team Noah has assumed the leadership role with the team. Many Chicago Bulls fans have mixed emotions towards the teams interest in Carmelo Anthony, but most can not deny that Anthony could help a team that struggles to score during moments of the game. The two need each other. Chicago ranks at the bottom of the league over the past three season in offensive field goals and points per game. For Carmelo the Chicago Bulls may be his last chance at a run for a championship. Below we will take a look a the key reasons why Carmelo Anthony should come to Chicago and join the Bulls.

The best of Carmelo

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A chance to win a championship

Although Carmelo Anthony has been on some good teams in the past, he has never really been on a championship caliber team in the past. The Chicago Bulls have great fans, great teammates, and also a great coach. Without their former M.V.P. Derrick Rose and long time Bull Luol Deng, the team is team posting one of the best records in the Eastern Conference. While the East may be weak, the Chicago Bulls have posted wins against both of the Eastern Conference favorites Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers. With a healthy Rose the team made it to the conference finals, and with Carmelo Anthony the team would easily become one of the favorites to win a championship. What the Bulls lack is Carmelo’s strong suit, scoring. Over the past three season the team has ranked among the bottom of the league in scoring which has allot to do with the injury problems to Derrick Rose. Anthony last seasons scoring champ would help the Bulls during moments of the game when the team goes through long scoring droughts. To a point the Bulls would welcome the give me the ball and let me score style of play. As one of the NBA’s best finishers the two could help each other bring home another championship to Chicago.

A structured organization

One of the biggest problems facing the New York Knicks are problems within the organization. Earlier this week it was mentioned that the NY Knicks are offering former nyknicks player and Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson a general manager position within the organization. It’s not certain if Jackson will accept the position, but it is just one of the problems that the newyork knicks organization faces. It is unclear what will happen to coach Mike Woodson after the season or who would replace him if fired. The Knicks will have limited cap room if Carmelo returns to New York next season so the roster will most likely resemble this years version. The biggest problem is that the New York Knicks lack a leader on the court. In Chicago the team plays with pride every night lead by Joakim Noah and hard nose coach Tom Thibodeau. The team has been able to get max effort from many of it’s draft picks as well as free agents. Management has also done a great job bringing in assets in cap space and draft picks to keep the team in the running for trades.

Chance to play with star players

While it’s uncertain how Derrick Rose will perform when healthy, it would be more than what New York could surround Carmelo Anthony with next season. To sign Anthony the Bulls will most likely have to amnesty Carlos Boozer, and trade Taj Gibson for the team to be able to afford his services. While it seems like allot to give up, the team has proven time and time again that it can win with almost any team on the court. Let’s face it to win in the NBA you need multiple stars on a team, good defense, and a great coach. Playoff games are won one possession at a time and the ability to produce points in crunch time. If Derrick Rose can return to his former self, and the Bulls can sign Anthony the two may present a great one two punch along with Noah adding the energy to win.

Best of the Bulls

Whats best?

No one knows what Carmelo Anthony may choose to do in the off season but there are many options available. He may choose to stay with the Knicks for another season seeing that he has an option in his contract for next year as well. Whatever Carmelo chooses to do let’s hope he looks to winning championships as his main concern.


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