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Buy A Telescopic Fishing Rod Online

Updated on October 23, 2015

Here's The Scoop On A Telescopic Fishing Rod

If you like to fish then you should own a telescopic fishing rod because it will help you get to the fish. A telescopic fishing rod has a stored extension within the rod. The rod can extend out to where the fish are and come in many lengths. These compact rods have all the features of other fishing rods and are made out of the same materials. A telescopic fishing rod may also be called a retractable fishing rod, a travel fishing rod or a portable fishing rod.

When retracted, a telescopic rod can compact into about a one and a half foot length. When it is retracted, it is easy to carry and makes it perfect to take along on vacations in case you need a fishing rod. They are also easy to carry in a backpack if you are hiking or camping. There are also mini sized telescopic fishing rods which are retractable to about pen size.

Shopping Guide To Buying A Telescopic Fishing Rod Online

If you are looking to buy a telescopic fishing rod, Ebay has a great selection. If you take a look at the column on the right I have listed a few of the rods that are for sale right now on Ebay. The current price is even listed so you can get an idea of the final price range of the item.

Shopping on Ebay is great because you can shop from the comfort of your living room couch and be able to view anything you may be looking for. Ebay has an extensive selection of fishing tackle and accessories for sale at any one time. If you see one you like you simply bid on the item and if you are the winning bidder, you will be notified and it will be shipped to your home. Ebay makes sure that their sellers provide great customer service.

Telescopic Fishing Rod Materials

A telescopic fishing rod is usually made out of fiberglass, carbon, or graphite. You may have a preference as to what material you want your rod to made of. It may depend on your fishing location and what type of fish you are after. You may like a lighter rod or a heavier one. You can find information online or stop at one of your local tackle shops for more information.

If you are looking for a telescopic fishing rod made out of a specific material you can put that right into a search on Ebay. You will then be shown only rods of that type.

Take a look at the section on the right where I have listed a few rods that are made out of various materials. If you want a different material, Ebay makes it very easy to find just what you want. You can easily type in search terrms for the specific type of rod you are looking for and it show you your options.

Once you find the telescopic fishing rod you like, you can place a bid or the seller may have a buy it now price which is a fixed price for the item. Ebay sellers are very easy to work with so you can be assured of having no problems.

Vintage Telescopic Fishing Rod

If you are looking for a vintage telescopic fishing rod then Ebay is probably one of the best places to find one. Older fishing rods are usually made of metal and don't have the flexibility that new models have.

Take a look at the section on the right to see a few of the vintage telescopic fishing rods that are for sale right now on Ebay. You can have to opportunity to get a great price on vintage telescopic fishing rods if you buy one on Ebay. If you like vintage fishing items you may also like to collect vintage fishing lures. Vintage fishing is a great hobby to get into especially if you like to fish.

Pen Telescopic Fishing Rod

Pen is not the manufacturers name of the telescopic fishing rod. It is called that because it as small as a pen.

It is small enough to take anywhere but large enough to catch a fish. It can fit into your pocket or purse. The pen rod has a fully functional reel that is detachable for storage. Rod also had functional fiberlass guides.

You never know when you might need a fishing rod so check out a few of the pen telescopic fishing rods that are for sale online. That way you'll never be able to say "I wish I had a fishing rod with me" because you can pull the pen telescopic rod from just about anywere you want to keep it handy and ready to fish.

How To Fish With A Telescopic Fishing Rod

Surf Fishing With A Telescopic Fishing Rod

A good place to use a telescopic fishing rod is when you are surf fishing in the ocean. The rod will extend out far into the surf enabling you to catch a large variety of fish. When you are using a retractable rod in the surf you want to make sure it is lightweight but strong enough to bring in any fish you may catch. You also want to make sure that the telescopic rod you buy for surf fishing has a solid tip.

Telescopic Fishing Rod
Telescopic Fishing Rod


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    • Stoneriver profile image

      Stoneriver 7 years ago

      I have never really grown fawn of the telescoping rod. When I was in England I stoped to watch a fisherman fishing with a telescopping rod that must have been 15 20 feet long and when he hooked his fish he had a time landing it. Now I do have a fly rod that I use that breaks down small enough to get in my pack but its only 10 foot long. All in all the hub subject is great and informative.