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Buy A Coleman Lantern Online

Updated on July 10, 2011

A Coleman lantern is a handy item to bring along on your next camping trip. You can use it to light your way as you walk along the dark paths at a campground when you have to use the facilities in the middle of the night. A lantern can also be used to light up your camp area when you need to shed some light on what your are doing or be used if you're fishing off a pier at night. A lantern is portable and easy to carry so you always have light.

Bringing a lantern along on your next camping trip makes a lot of sense. It is a versatile piece of camping gear. Coleman makes many styles of lanterns and has been for many years. You can't go wrong if you decide to purchase a lantern made by Coleman for your next camping trip. Of course using a Coleman lantern is not limited to camping trips. There are many more instances for use such as during power outages, backyard parties and night fishing trips.

Shopping Guide To Buying A Coleman Lantern Online

If you are looking for a Coleman lantern, Ebay is a good place to shop. Take a look to the right where I have listed a few Coleman lanterns that are for sale right now on Ebay.

When you use Ebay to shop for camping supplies such as a lantern you can have fun right from the comort of your home and at the same time you will have a secure shopping experience. You simply bid on the item and the lantern will be shipped right to your home if you are the winning bidder.

Battery Operated Coleman Lantern

Coleman makes several lanterns that are operated by battery. A battery operated Coleman lantern is suited for any type of adventure whether you are camping, hiking or biking. A battery operated Coleman lantern comes in many sizes and it does not need any fuel for illumination .

Propane Coleman Lantern

Coleman propane lanterns operate on a cylinder of Coleman Propane. It is very convenient to use a Coleman propane lantern whenever you need to light your way. The lantern has a dial so you can adjust the amount of light you want and it works like a dimmer switch operates. When the propane runs out you simply replace the cylinder. A propane lantern is a simple solution to light up your next outdoor adventure.

Rechargeable Coleman Lantern

A rechargable Coleman lantern is available for use everyday or during an emergency. These lights are always ready when you need them. Plugs are retractable, so they’re out of the way when you’re on the go but can still be plugged directly into a wall outlet for charging. The batteries last for more than 1,000 charges so you don't have to worry about where your next light is coming from.

Liquid Fuel Coleman Lantern

A Coleman lantern that uses liquid fuel uses a tube mantle to access the fuel. You can light A Coleman lighter with a matchless start and it operates on Coleman liquid fuel or non leaded gasoline.

A liquid fuel Coleman Lantern has an adustable flame and can be used to cast a soft light on your outdoor event. Two ounces of fuel will operate the Coleman lantern for about 7 hours.

Vintage Coleman Lantern

If you are looking for a vintage Coleman lantern, Ebay is the place to buy one. Whether you collect the various styles or if you just want a deal on a vintage Coleman lantern, you need to look on Ebay.

Ebay is the perfect platform for buying and selling old Coleman lanterns and you have fun shopping for one. Ebay offers a whole collection of vintage Coleman lanterns. Have fun shopping!

Coleman Lantern
Coleman Lantern


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