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Epee Fencing 9

Updated on January 7, 2016

Wireless scoring system - The future of fencing...

After a 25 years pause, I returned to fencing and discovered not much has changed in the area of electrical scoring system. My first thought was to apply the new wireless technologies to replace the existing reels. It can open up a new free format fencing that is not restricted to a strip. I started researching this topic and discovered several companies that have invested time and energy into this already. I even found a company with a working solution.

-Jul. 2014

Wolf Rock

My first discovery was a company called Wolf Rock.

Wolf Rock is headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire with offices in Melbourne, FL Philadephia, PA, Boston, MA, New York, NY and Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

There web site claims to have a solution in the work in 2008. Unfortunately, it appears they have closed up shop since the website is no longer active.

A US Patent was granted.

A patent was given to Mr. Paul Linsay for a wireless scoring system.


A Research Lab got into the act...

Researchers at the Palo Alto Research Center came up with an experimental solution adapted from Martial Arts competition scoring.

Wireless fencing article

However, they ran into some stumbling block with "floating" ground problem.

Finally a Ukranian company came up with a working solution - STM

They are in the process of marketing this equipment. It has been field tested in several international competitions.

Wireless 2000

They also has a video clip that demonstrate how the system works. (See link below)

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    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      There´s another equipment from Germany, you can use it with all 3 weapon´s. They got the european Patent since 2008. The Equipment has a portable and lightweight wireless system too.

    • FencingNet profile image

      FencingNet 8 years ago

      There is another company, HitMate, that has a portable and lightweight wireless system for club and practice use. (They say that the false-positive of hits to the guard is at 1% or less, which they don't think is close enough to be for tournament use yet.)

      You can see it here:


    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      But things are in the works:

      Also check when the Wolf Rock page was updated last time.