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Golf swing problem

Updated on June 2, 2012

Fix your golf swing problem!

If you don’t have the right golf swing, you can end up ruining your game. Along with learning how to golf, knowing how to correct your golf swing can immensely affect your performance in the long run. But these will take time to practice. As long as you utilize these skills, you will come out swinging!

Golf swing problem - Golf slice tips.

Common golf swing problem!

One common golf swing problem is the lack of proper instruction. You should always seek instruction from a professional golfer. For golfers that are starting out, this is especially important. How are you able to properly learn if you start golfing without an instructor? Professional golfers have more experience than your friends or other players do. Also, professional golfers will be able to correct your moves. Be aware that you may have to pay for lessons. If you already know a professional golfer, then you’re in luck! But you may need to take some courses on golfing. These lessons will be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

The next golf swing problem is the slice. It is caused by an outside swing path. With right-handed golfers, the clubface strikes the ball from a right to left direction outside the swing plane. The golf ball then swings left to right. It starts off straight, but starts spinning and curves sharply to the right. The ball will end up in the bushes, trees, or hitting someone on the head! This golf swing can by corrected by taking the club inside the plane and striking the ball squarely at impact. This path will reverse the spinning and path of the ball.

The last common golf swing problem is the lack of a shot distance. A lot of beginning and amateur golfers have these problems. The biggest reasons for this problem are because you’re not making a full release of the club head, and you’re not executing the proper body turn on the backswing. Don’t release the club at all when you’re doing this. Take the club back properly and carefully, and let the club release by itself. This natural way of releasing will provide you with a greater distance. As always, a complete body turn and natural release are important components of having the right golf swing. These two tips are the secrets to successful golfing.

The two above golf swing problems can be easily corrected by yourself or by your friends. With practicing the above tips, you should be able to achieve your perfect golf swings in no time. Practice on the weekends, or create your own mini golf course in your office or home. This way, you can practice your golf swings everyday. Your backyard is another ideal place for practicing your golf swings, but you may end hitting someone’s windows! But your last and best resort is to have professional instruction. You will able to practice the above tips with them, and improve your golf techniques. Soon, you will impress your friends and everyone else at the golf club!


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    • fits4life profile image

      Cherri Brown-Jett 8 years ago from Richmond

      This is a good hub. It has good tips for beginners. Nice advice.