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    In golf, the implications of finding â��centerâ�� could be in the arena of the individuals physical prowess.  Or, could it be that in finding â��centerâ�� in golf and golf activity as a group, a catalyst in redeeming favorable social characteristics that society cherishes, be found?

    Can we find an environmental â��centerâ��, in golf, as refuge that endures and sustains the higher good and higher Self, such as the American Indian had done entering the sweat lodge?  Isnâ��t there a thread of connectedness between the family, the tribe, and the nation seeking harmony and equality reflected in golfâ��s foursomes and the golf games natural environment, plus life skills that endeavors to assimilate the mindfulness accrued from golf activity, for the collective- the family?

    â��Centerâ�� includes various levels of golf activity and unique characteristics for those involved.  Peter Kesslerâ��s article, Masters ignited Hoganâ��s Fabulousâ�� 53, Golfweek Magazine, Apr. 5, 2003,   epitomizes an individual singular effort, by Ben Hogan, comparable of climbing Mt. Everest, understanding the art form - golf. 

    Kesslerâ��s description of Hogan goes on.... â��When he changed his game in 1946, Hogan placed his hands in neutral  position, the right leg retained its flexâ�� (â��centerednessâ��), ...â��the club never reached parallel and his hands never got higher than the tip of his right shoulder.  The club head and the hands started back togetherâ��, (centeredness ie., belly and hands) ,...â��the swing plane flattenedâ��, (this depends upon the selected golf club determining the flatness or uprightness, which Kessler did not indicate), ...â��the club was slightly laid off and he no longer broke the swing plane with his hands.â��   In other words, â��Hogan had found a way to centerâ��. 

    Center must be known.  To find center, I believe golf can be fully equipped only with a properly trained specialist in the lie variables of its discipline.  I believe, too, that every golf school or learning center which aims to prepare its students for superior play in the world of  golf, which is theirs to partake in, must have on its staff, a professional, competent in circular energy forms and 360 degrees of lie variables and angles included therein. Hence, the Swing Doctor and the â��Crooked liesâ�� invented force work in tandem with each other at Transcendental Golf.  Theyâ��ve evolved together after excluding the linear golf mat design.

    Other â��centersâ�� to be found are ongoing.  Those found are investigated and a dialogue setup.  The purpose is to live in the moment - design for the future.

    Could it be, to stay in the present moment to moment, and design for the future, may evolve in progression ie. future moments to advance future design?  The design of Transcendental Golf, a golf practice facility - learning â��centerâ��, has altered an overview of environmental prerequisites.  This internal undertaking equips a golf facility so the environment eases the way to finding center paralleling neurolinguistic programming â��entering the circleâ��. 

    The teacher said, â��Take the good ones and put them in a  circle-(she was alluding to good experiences). When you are experiencing negatives, step into the circle. Become refreshed !  The circle holds things done well.â��

    The Eastern Indian woman was giving a class in 1991, for the WPGA on Neurolingistic Programming for golf professionals. �Does your student learn through hearing mainly, or is she/he visual, or kinesthetic - by feel, like in golf? , she asked

    â��Which one of these three predominates for you?   Whatâ��s your read on your students?  Will you learn the subtleties, as you figure your students out?â��, she continued.

    At Transcendental Golf the artifical golf mats are circular.  One doesnâ��t have to imagine the premise. The physical presence, â��circularityâ��, in this undertaking, is there. However, the circular golf mats have not cornered the market with striking the ball perfectly!  They have offered two positives entries however, that linear mats have not - correct alignment procedure and club path.

    At this juncture, in class, there was a twist.  An interesting question about how to handle a student out of sorts before the lesson begins.  Manuel asked, â��What if my student came into the first lesson of the morning after experiencing a near collison on Range Line Road just outside the entrance to the club?  What do you do in fractured situations?â��

    Jack was sitting next to Tom Befera, Kenosha C.C. Tom said, â��Yup, Iâ��ve had that situation!â��  Jack said, â��Put â��em in the bunker. You and the student get two for one that way!â��

    The class roared, but there is more truth than fiction about this one.  This is â��finding centerâ��.in continuum.  How can environmental devices counter - imbalanced situations in other life activities?â��  The bunkerâ��s environment related to the arena of golf and the emotions of the moment.  Why?  Because of golfâ��s diversity, of course.  You wouldnâ��t be doing three foot putts even if they were a failing aspect of ones golf game at that moment.

    To find â��centerâ�� one must turn inward.  The purpose of this book is to gather and guide beginners as well as experienced golfers to an environment which provides information that extends beyond the physical golf â��swingâ�� into social and cultural parts of their lives using the conduit - golf as a metaphor.

    The possibilities of finding harmony inherent in the game of golf may be a challenge and an education as one directs their inward search for center.

    Staying present moment to moment we can use our golf experiences by ourselves independent of the group or within a group, and mirror what the Danes had developed over centuries called livskunst---the art of living.  In the magazine Science & Spirit, an article, Conspiracy of Good, renowned resilience researcher Emmy Werner conveys an interesting fact that 99% of Danish Jews were still alive when World War II had ended.  The entire Danish people were awarded the title of â��Righteous Among the Nationsâ��.

    Doesnâ��t golfâ��s environment manifest what the Danes society have developed? Itâ��s a society where people cared about one another, where individual differences were respected, and where self-reliance, cooperation and good humor highly valued. 

    Testing good humor vs bad taste; freedom of speech and respect for all religions, is happening right now!  A cartoon depicting many things for many people has found its underlayment difficult to remain neutral.  At the moment this is a painful experience.  People lined up quickly.  Some have used the incident to further their own cause. 
    Civil liberties and the Patriot Act are in question in the USA.

    Freedom of speech in a Danish cartoon tested the Islam culture and the Danes.  What was considered an act against the Koran, as viewed by Islam  -  held Denmark at fault, not the Danish publisher.  Could it be that understanding different cultures may become more complex, and more and more urgent?  Are we to experience speedy indiscretions as cultures clash?  Can cultures reduce isolation, tension,.and keep a balanced pace sharing the art form golf?  If not golf, what will the world stage look like?

    In the mid-ninties, after the King of Morocco died, knowing his love for golf, and not wanting Moroccon enthusiasm for golf to diminish, the Pyramid Tray and Stacker System was sent to Moroccoâ��s golf professional, at the Kingâ��s course as a symbol of brotherhood through golf. 

    â��Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.â��, Robert F Kennedy. 

        â��It would be a more peaceful, harmonious world if the
         various religions and religious denominations ceased
         condemnations of paths different from their own.â��  *

                          â��If we are peaceful,
                           If we are happy,
                           We can blossom like a flower,
                           and everyone in our family,
                           in our entire society,                       
                           will benefit from our peace.â��

                            Thich Nhat Hanh
       *   The Second Coming of Christ,
           Paramahansa Yogananda
           Discourse  40

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      Sounds almost religious. I bet meditation helps with golf because it seems that you have to be center in order to be successful with golf. … hotography