What's left of Southampton?

  1. profile image58
    Will Habererposted 4 years ago

    Southampton FC has had a summer offseason full of transfers, only all these transfers have been away from the club. Southampton has transferred away stars Adam Lallana, Luke Shaw and a variety of other key pieces. Last season Southampton proved they can contend in the ever challenging English Premier League and potentially make European Football this upcoming season. Now with the loss of these key players Southampton must use a combination of their young core and the ability to attract players to their team if they want to contend yet again. Their first need is to find a replacement for former captain Adan Lallana. A great fit for the Saints would be Everton's Ross Barkley though it appears a move to Manchester City is in his near future. Manchester City might hold the answer in the lad Jack Rodwell. Rodwell is looking for a move away from his current club and the commanding midfielder could be a young leader for the Saints. As for the back line the loss of Luke Shaw will be felt both defensively and offensively as Shaw was able to run up and down the pitch and help control the flow of the game. A short term replace my might be found in Sevilla's Alberto. The Spanish youngster has great speed down the line and can have great contributions for Southampton's offense. Alberto May not have the commanding presence on defense as Shaw but he can learn to fit in well. We won't be able to tell the faint of the beloved Saints in till the season begins and anymore Premier League moves will be monitored.

    1. profile image62
      wordsmithKposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      All the blame must be put on the organization itself. What team sells off their entire core of players in one window? I understand that inevitably, some players would have left but like everyone has said, Southampton did not reject any offers made for their players. I understand that they can replenish their squad through their youth system and through attracting talents but it doesn't seem like they are interested in making many acquisitions. Additionally,  even if they were interested in making many acquisitions , I would believe that this team would struggle because it would be a transitional period for the new players that were bought and promoted . I really can't see them improving on their position last season unless they really start to spend and spend wisely but even so , their core that was so familiar with each other have left and it would still be difficult with new signings.  As for the Ross Barkley suggestion, I feel that this move is highly unlikely because Everton will not sell for a modest fee and Barkley has become an important member of the team.

      Moreno is an interesting suggestion and would be a very good acquisition but I feel the likelihood of such a deal is next to impossible because Sevilla will look to get as much money as possible from this transfer and bigger clubs than Southampton are said to be interested in the youngster.

      I really can't say I know how Southampton will do but I would be genuinely impressed and flabbergasted if they maintained or improved their exploits this season.

      Cheers to a new season!!


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