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Which season is your favorite?

  1. sandwichmom profile image53
    sandwichmomposted 8 years ago

    Which season is your favorite?

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    killlashandraposted 8 years ago


    The weather cools off, the colors change, and the holidays begin. Definitely my favorite time of year.

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    stagnettoposted 8 years ago

    My favourite season is autumn/fall not only because we are already in it now but because after a long hot summer it is all so refreshing to see the first rains, smell the damp earth and see the raindrops falling off the leaves.

    It is still not too cold, but it is cool enough to be able to wear your winter clothes which if you are not a perfect woman, make you look much better as various layers hide all those nasty bits!

    All the vegetation starts to change its green colour into reds, oranges, rusts and burgandies (much more colourful than plain green).

    You can at last breathe cool fresh air which makes your lungs feel new and revived after a long summer of breathing in hot damp air that doesn't even seem like fresh air any more but more like the air of a hair dryer being shoved down you.

    The days get shorter and we can once again settle down in front of a roaring chimney with a good film and feel that this is a hundred times better than going out and spending valuable money, so in autumn we can get back to saving which is always good for all us that are living through the economic crisis.

  4. R P Chapman profile image60
    R P Chapmanposted 8 years ago

    Autumn's exciting. Conkers falling from the trees and the promise of so much to come, halloween, bonfire night then Christmas. The days are still warm, the leaves are falling and the nights are drawing in.

    But then spring's special too. The first hints of warmth, flowers breaking through, the anticipation of a beautiful summer to come. I suppose when you ask the question's important too.

    Autumn has it at the moment. Ask again at the end of February. It;s too hard to be objective! smile

  5. Ruby H Rose profile image75
    Ruby H Roseposted 6 years ago

    Spring is my favorite because everything is waking up, blooming, coming alive again.  Even me.  In the winter I go into solitude and hibernation of sorts, and when the sun starts popping out, so do I and my creativity goes crazy like the trees budding.