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What do you think of Bill Belichick's call to go for it on fourth down with 2 mi

  1. Fr FtBll Fnz profile image54
    Fr FtBll Fnzposted 8 years ago

    What do you think of Bill Belichick's call to go for it on fourth down with 2 minutes to go in the g

  2. wavegirl22 profile image42
    wavegirl22posted 8 years ago

    ha the outcome of the game says it all!
    Why oh why did Belichick tell Brady to throw on fourth down at the Patriots' own 28-yard line with 2:08 left. The Patriots gained just a yard, and the Colts responded with a 29-yard scoring drive that clinched a come from from behind 35-34 win. It must hurt for the Pats but oh what a feeling for the Colts who always seem to find a way to walk away with a win.
    Belichick as usual when he loses runs away. .. another day of bad sportsmanship. . typical for a man with no honor.

  3. Fr FtBll Fnz profile image54
    Fr FtBll Fnzposted 8 years ago

    He did vanish fast, didn't he!  I don't know if I'm the only one, but did you happen to think the spot at the end favored the Colts?  I know he didn't catch it upon first attempt, but he quickly snagged it.  It appeared to me he had complete control of the ball and was getting tackled with the ball beyond the first down marker which would bring forward progress into the picture and give them the first.  It really doesn't matter because of the crazy call to go for it in the first place.   

    Oh well, bottom line is the Pats gave Peyton an opportunity to win and that's just what he did.

  4. AgentMarvel profile image55
    AgentMarvelposted 8 years ago

    Most commentators have voiced their opinion that Belichick lacked confidence in his defense. I would like to toss another opinion into the ring . . . maybe he just had that much confidence in his offense.

    Either way, the call was terrible and it cost them. You don't put Manning on your 28 yard line with 2 minutes left. You will lose that battle 90% of the time. Make Manning beat you from his own 28 yard line. Teams will probably lose that battle 70% of the time, but at least Belichick would have had a better shot.

  5. ShaunMasterton profile image56
    ShaunMastertonposted 8 years ago

    He should have punted and put trust in defence.

    On one side of the coin, you have Tom Brady, questionable best QB in NFL. Most of the time, Brady gets them the 1st down.

    On the other side of the coin, your allowing Peyton Manning time to win game. Who is also in the convo for who is best QB in NFL.

    It's a tough call, Belichick relied on Brady many times as we know, just this time it didn't work out for him. Can't get every decision right.

  6. A M Werner profile image58
    A M Wernerposted 8 years ago

    Brady throws that ball to Welker instead and there is no controversy.  Belichick is hailed.  As coach, he gave his offense the opportunity to end it.  They should have converted.  Welker, his go-to-guy, was open.  And despite not converting, the defense was woeful.  It was pathetic how quickly the Colts scored a TD.  The defense should take offense to the way they handled themselves after the failed attempt.