1. jrome125 profile image56
    jrome125posted 7 years ago

    How About them CELTICS AND LAKERS?

    Can't believe Boston lost to LA on the first game. I seriously thought Boston was going to Sweep LA. On game 1 Boston looked weary it didn't seem like they gave gave it there all, but yet it is only game one. Ehhh... I guess either was Boston will just win again. Boston just have to come out with more energy. Boston gotz some serious potential getting a win over the best two teams in the NBA ORL. and THE CAVS. The two team are hold the top record and Boston seemed like they had no problem taking.

  2. J@ps profile image78
    J@psposted 7 years ago

    Las Vegas and many sports analyst have predicted a close series but LA to win.

    And so they were proven right as many times before.

  3. Billrrrr profile image84
    Billrrrrposted 7 years ago

    Celtics and Lakers again in 2011.  Two Kings battling it out for one title.  Left standing this year ...  The Celtics!!!!!!