What measure can someone apply to stay young forever?

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  1. Treasure Tweet profile image69
    Treasure Tweetposted 7 years ago

    What measure can someone apply to stay young forever?


  2. profile image0
    Marie-AnneLeClercposted 7 years ago

    Eating healthy natural foods which are full of anti-oxidants. Stress-free lifestyle with proper sleep and exercise and happiness.

  3. Pintoman profile image61
    Pintomanposted 7 years ago

    What measure? I use a measuring tape; if I'm still over six feet tall, I haven't shrunk much and cannot be old.

  4. Gregoryy profile image61
    Gregoryyposted 7 years ago

    Sleep and Exerisise= fountain of youth.
    Humans are ment to eat a varied diet, since many of us live in diffrent climates and enviorments. Humans can survive on many foods. However sleep and exerise should be everywere. If you eat super healthy foods, but dont get deep sleep or enough exerise. You may be genneraly healthy, but not youthfull. Those who sleep deeply and exerisise intensly have more delayed aging. There was a study done about exerise: 1 group of woman who intook alot of calcium, but got little or no physical activity, had much less bone mass than the woman who intook little if any calcium, but were very physicaly active. This is 1 reason on how exerise may be even more important than healthy diet. With exerise you can run fatser, jump higher, gain mussle,increase bone,increase your hormone output, increase circulation,metabolism etc. Its also been noted that competitive swwimmers in there 50's have comparable libido to teenagers, and guys in there earlier 20's. Sleep deeply and exersise intensley, that is they key to staying young. Yea green tea, antioxidants etc help keep you healthy, but not as much as sleep and exerise.

    Sleep is bassicly the healer. Exersise increases the immune system, but sleep does it more. 1 night of sleep deprivation can send your testostorone levels down by 40%. Sleep is for groth,repair, and rebalancing. Sleep helps your mind proccses things. It helps repair things in your body that needs repair. Also when you get into deeper sleep a waterfall of hormones are relaeased. Hormones that regulatte metabolism,libido,strenth,alertness, energy etc.

    If you make Sleep and Exerise a priority. You will stay youthfull. I usaly say that people start aging quikly when they stop getting enough sleep and exerise.


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