What is wrong with the NFL these days

  1. magicman0013 profile image37
    magicman0013posted 5 years ago

    What is wrong with the NFL these days

    I think the New Orleans Saints got alot done to them with the bounty program the set up the past few years. I mean lose your coach for the year, a draft pics this yearand next as well as the GM and ass. coach gone most of the year.. Also why in the world would Denver trade Tim Tebow? I mean Peyton Manning is not worth all the money or time they signed him for because if he gets hurt bad he is done and they have no backup. The NY Jets got a deal for Tebow. Just a 4th round pick. Will say they will make the playoffs and maybe the Super Bowl the next few years.

  2. tkyuofl profile image60
    tkyuoflposted 5 years ago

    As far as the Saints bounty program - it falls well outside of league rules about payments, and beyond legal rights when you are talking about paying to take players out of a game.  If my boss paid me to break my co-workers hand here at the office and they couldn't type anymore, we'd both be IN PRISON under conspiracy and assault charges.  We have to remember that even though this is a sport and they are allowed to hit each other, it's still like any other job in that you aren't allowed to potentially destroy someone's livelihood.  It's illegal.

    For Tebow - getting rid of Tebow is because John Elway and John Fox want a prototypical quarterback, of which Tebow is not.  Tebow attracts so much attention that fans demand he plays.  Bringing in Peyton Manning gives Elway and company the prototypical QB they want, AND he is one of only a handful of guys they could possibly bring in to start in which the fans wouldn't be demanding Tebow after one bad play.