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    steveocswissposted 8 years ago

    Are there any Raider fans left? It seems like they disappear or start complaining when their team does bad. Who's fault is it: the player or Al Davis?

  2. matiano_9 profile image61
    matiano_9posted 8 years ago


    I'm a Raiders fan from the UK, so I don't get to see too many games. In fact I only really see highlights because they are too bad to have a live game on the TV.

    I think it must be a bit of both. Jamarcus Russel doesn't seem ready to put in the effort required to be an NFL QB, but he's not getting much help from the offensive line at the moment. So the players have got to carry most of the responsibility, but there must be problems upstairs as well for a team to be this bad for so long and get through so many coaches and QB's etc.

    Not good!