Do you see Robin Van Persie as a traitor, for leaving Arsenal for Manchester Un

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  1. RASO profile image64
    RASOposted 7 years ago

    Do you see Robin Van Persie as a  traitor, for leaving Arsenal for Manchester United ?

  2. internpete profile image88
    internpeteposted 7 years ago

    Nope, I see what he does as a job, so he is just moving up in the world. Who wouldn't want to play for a club that has a much higher chance of winning things?

    I think it is funny how fans think players are traitor when they are traded, even though they don't always have a big say in the matter. Of course, in the case of RVP he wanted to leave Arsenal, which seems perfectly fine to me.

  3. DannyHurst profile image63
    DannyHurstposted 7 years ago

    He isn't a traitor, he wants to win things and Arsene Wenger didn't do a good enough job of convincing him he could do that with the Gunners (i.e. by going out and signing world class players and not just talented youngsters with no experience of winning anything themselves)

    yes he was captain but he probably only got that because there weren't many other senior players left to choose from, they had all left to win things elsewhere

  4. JKenny profile image90
    JKennyposted 7 years ago

    Yep I agree with the previous answers. Van Persie is a top class footballer and his decision to join Man Utd shows that he wants trophies, namely the league and the European Cup, and United are far better equipped to challenge for both. Arsenal are still a good team, but the days of the 'invincibles' are long gone and the likes of City and Chelsea have raised the bar with their spending power- Arsenal can't compete on that front.

    Can't believe how long Arsenal have gone without a trophy, even we (Birmingham City) managed to beat them in the League Cup Final in 2011, and we got relegated the same year hehehe.

  5. Thomas Swan profile image94
    Thomas Swanposted 7 years ago

    Absolutely a traitor. You can't leave your team for a big rival and not be a traitor. To not feel that rivalry only shows he was never loyal to the team.

    It has nothing to do with him wanting to leave. I understand his grievances about trophies. If he'd moved to Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG or Milan then I would have have given him my blessing. Moving to a Premier League rival makes him a traitor.

  6. chef-de-jour profile image99
    chef-de-jourposted 7 years ago

    Some will see him as a traitor but he's not really he's just a trophy hunter like most of the top players around. Arsenal over the last few seasons have not been as prominent in the EPL- plus van Persie had a lousy Euro 2012- so accumulatively he's not feeling too good with the situation, despite scoring a bucketful last season.
    Wenger hasn't shown that he wants the top players at the Emirates and anyhow the club isn't in too good a shape to attract them.

    So he's gone to where the grass is greener, he hopes.

    These days the elite players have no real sense of loyalty- they go to clubs where CL football is guaranteed, where the wages are sky high, and where the managers are ambitious. Ferguson is still ambitious I'm sad to say.

    The only top player to refuse a big move in recent years was Steven Gerrard, who was tempted to go to Chelsea but wisely decided to stay at a club with real history and glory in the badge, thus truly earning the legendary status.

  7. ud1093 profile image45
    ud1093posted 6 years ago

    HE wanted more money so he went to MAN U but if he wanted more goals he would have stayed in Arsenal

  8. profile image0
    unen-tsogtposted 6 years ago

    Dutch skunk. He did a good job at Arsenal. But you don't go the rival.

  9. profile image49
    gmv8posted 5 years ago

    Yes he is the biggest traitor in football history, not only a traitor, but a traitor's traitor. He spent 7 years using fan's money on the treatment bench. and how does he repay them? He goes to an arch rival in the premier league. He spent one full year playing for us after 8 years at the club, probably most of that was showboating for his next move. There are times where you owe people for support they've given you in times of trouble, but all he did was rubbish Arsenal at united, saying nonsense like he wanted to join united when he first arrived in the UK, but Ferguson said he wasn't good enough, and he wanted to be at utd since he was a boy, which we all know wasn't true. Could've  been a legend, now he's the most reviled at the Emirates -  hope the trophy and money was worth it.

    1. Thomas Swan profile image94
      Thomas Swanposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Exactly. I hope United don't recover from this downturn either. Would be fitting for his `glory' to be so short-lived.... though he'll probably dump United for another team after next season. Van Gaal is an amazing manager though, so they'll be back.

  10. profile image54
    Romil Tiwariposted 2 years ago

    Never in football you're a traitor unless you do match fixing or intentionally under perform so that your team loses.
    Robin Van Persie is a professional athlete and cannot be termed as a traitor just because he joined a bigger rival club than Arsenal.
    Did he go there for money? Di he hand in a transfer request specifically to go to Manchester United? I guess NO.
    He was sold by the club to Manchester and they performed well there and won a title and everybody started calling him a traitor.
    Gosh people are so narrow minded and i guess they don't know that it's the people in the club who take decisions over seeling/buying players to/from rival teams, player's opinion is the least important to them.
    Today neymar left Barcelona
    Cr7 has left Manchester United
    and the list continues on.
    there were players who left teams for rival teams
    there will be more.


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