How have Chelsea improved so much ?

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    jamesdurk94posted 5 years ago

    How have Chelsea improved so much ?

    I'm quite shocked to how well Chelsea have played so far this season. They've lost drogba but have improved form it?  is it because of their champions league win? or simply because of Eden Hazard?

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    Richard-Murrayposted 5 years ago

    Well it isn't because of one player, Chelsea have done a whole change.
    Drogba, Anelka, Kalou, Malouda, Essien, Ballack, Bosingwa, even Miereles are all gone.
    Torres, Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Ramires, MArin, Moses are all part of the new forward idea of Chelsea. The defensive line of Chelsea is functionally the same but has gotten younger.

    I am not shocked at Chelsea's success. Chelsea have quality depth. This is what creates success in all competitions which is the goal of top clubs. Bertrand is in for Cole and Cahill is in for Terry.

    Chelsea are a money club. Like at Real Madrid, Mourinho came in and a bunch of players were let go and a bunch came in. Look at Real's success. Chelsea has done the same thing.

    In terms of tactics, Chelsea have lost some skills and gained others. Chelsea aren't aerial any more or wide. Cahill and Ivanovic will get headers and Moses will get wide but for the most part Chelsea is not a ground ball team a cutting team. What Chelsea have to learn is how to cut quicker without the ball and space better when high pressing. but, they have so many quality players they can apply this towards many different opponents.

    The Champions League win for the senior players was vital. It made the journey complete for them and I think has allowed for transition to begin without any problems. Cole, Terry, Lampard, Ferreira, Cech, know they did it and the club will have to move on one day. But they did do it.

    So, depth is the key. So many quality players to replace if a player is out of form and all have talents that fit well

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    chef-de-jourposted 5 years ago

    Chelsea are playing well yes but the season is young and there are tougher games ahead.
    For now you could say:

    1. Winning the Champions League helped boost confidence for everyone at the club and the prestige this brings is enormous. Being kings of Europe means you start the season on a natural high. You can see an almost arrogant Chelsea at the moment - but this will change.

    2. New players. Hazard is a tremendous talent. Versatile, quick and not a bad worker for the team either. Plus he's dangerous.

    3. Torres scoring again and looking sharper. Last season Torres had some very embarrassing moments in a blue shirt - red card and missing easy chances Drogba's shadow was cutting out the light. This season he's been given the all clear for numero uno position and it shows.

    4. Roberto di Matteo's coaching style. He'll be more relaxed now that he knows Abramovich isn't going to cull him.....YET! He's been able to spend quality time with his squad and whilst there is no definite tika taka strategy he does put the emphasis on attack and building up strong momentum.

    The big test will come when the first defeat/defeats occur and injuries to key players mean less quality on the pitch. If Torres gets injured Matteo will have to change formation and that may not work as smoothly as he'd like. Unlike Spain I don't think Chelsea could win matches with 6 midfielders!!