How would you survive a zombie apocolypse?

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  1. mattforte profile image92
    mattforteposted 6 years ago

    How would you survive a zombie apocolypse?

    The world has ended. Zombies have taken over. Traditional zombies (think walking dead, night of the living dead, etc - NOT crazy scary 28 days later or resident evil zombies)
    Answer these 5 questions:
    *What state/country/province/city would you try to get to and why?
    *What would be your mode of transportation? (Realistically...we can't all stumble across a tank)
    *How big (or small) of a group would you travel in?
    *Would you keep an animal companion? Why and what kind?
    *Your weapon of choice? (Again, be realistic)
    *Would you be nomadic, or find yourself shelter and build a fortress?

  2. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 6 years ago

    I would buy a boat. Zombies can't swim out into the ocean. I would take my GF and my dog and an AK47 and provisions of course.

  3. Ross Anziano profile image75
    Ross Anzianoposted 6 years ago

    I would head toward the Pacific Northwest area. Lots of rain there, and this is the most precious commodity in a survival situation. Plenty of game to hunt, and trees are a nice basic raw material, too. Maybe, like in the most recent Walking Dead, I would band together some survivors(perhaps ten or so would be good for purposes of dividing work and guard duty shifts) and take over a defensible building, like a jail or a National Guard armory. Animals are too hard to maintain and make noise when you don't want them to. Transportation would have to be rugged and off road capable, preferably diesel so I could make my own fuel if necessary, but really vehicles would be all over the place. I would likely throw them away and get new ones when called for. Weapons...something fully automatic would be good (and not as hard to find as you might think, especially post apocalypse) for spraying down large groups, shotguns are nice for head removal(especially for the skittish and unskilled), and a silenced rifle would be great, too. No chainsaws: too loud and just as dangerous to you as it is to zombies). It would be best to have a mix throughout the group, with the understanding that hand weapons are best when possible, primarily for maintaining noise discipline.

  4. duffsmom profile image59
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    Be realistic?  Because the scenario is so realistic?  Just kidding.  I would want to have a Mercedes Unimog for travel and lots of weapons and ammo.  I suppose it would just be our family about 8 to 10 people and I am with JThomp42...a boat.  I would want to get a good size boat and anchor just a ways off the shore.  We would leave the Unimog parked at the pier for when we had to come onshore.

    I would want to anchor off a very flat shore with little or no brush so you could see what's coming.  We would have small speed boat attached for scavenger trips to the shore.

    Along with a handgun, ammo belt, and a lightweight rifle, I would want a bludgeoning tool.  Ever see the movie Last of the Mohicans?  Can't spell the indian's name but he had this huge club and it had sharp things on the edges. It would make an awesome weapon.

    I would have several dogs that were protective and would bark when anything was off base.  I wouldn't be nomadic as I think that would be more dangerous.  I would want to build a fortress of boats, off shore with piers - like the off shore drilling platforms so boats could dock and tie off there but also pull farther out to sea if something went wrong.  We would may come up with a way to create a floating platform that could hold soil for planting food.


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