NL Cy Young

  1. Dr23 profile image61
    Dr23posted 8 years ago

    Tim Lincecum takes it down for the second straight year in what was one of the closest ballots ever.

    Chris Carpenter finishes second.

    My one real complaint -

    While I am OK with Tiny Tim winning, how do two writers exclude Carpenter entirely to vote for Dan Haren and Javier Vazquez??? Makes no sense to me. The reasons they have thrown out are pretty nonsensical.

    Here is to hoping the decisions on these will be made by others in addition to the writers sometime soon.

  2. kingis profile image70
    kingisposted 8 years ago

    I really think Chris Carpenter deserved the NL Cy Young.  He had a great season even being injured for three weeks.  Lincecum had a good season too but Carpenter was more deserving of the award.