What are the motivating factors that keep you on track with your fitness goals?

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    Mtwilliams2010posted 5 years ago

    What are the motivating factors that keep you on track with your fitness goals?

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    lburmasterposted 5 years ago

    There are a few different things I use. One consists of printing out pictures of the body figure I desire to have. By comparing myself to the picture, I know what to work on for the day and to add a few reps every once in a while. Another factor involves where I work out. Normally this is infront of the TV so all of my equipment is there. I have a busy schedule and it's so much easier to work out at home. Since I'm always doing three things at once, I watch TV while working out and focus on centering my mind. Third, my cousin is a good motivation. Two years ago he made the comment that in 2014 I would be 135 lbs. I'm working to prove him wrong! But of course, I won't be able to tell him in 2014 that I've been trying to prove him wrong or he will say that was his goal the entire time. And I would hate for him to win in any way. It will be my own little victory smile

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    Mtwilliams2010posted 5 years ago

    Lol!  Very funny story about you and your cousin.  That's a great testimony, thank you for sharing and in such detail. 
    Printing out a picture of your "ideal body type" is an excellent motivation tool. It does make you want to pump out a few more crunches or hold that plank for just 10 more seconds. 
    Your cousin, whether intentional or purely by chance, is an excellent fitness psychologist, lol!  I hope that doesn't blow his head up too much for you to have to deal with.  Joking aside, accountability works best when It comes from an outside source.
    My suggestion to for you, Iburmaster, is to try and consider finding a workout partner or someone who can challenge you.  Preferably someone who is more motivated than yourself. 
    I don't know what your goal is but with your "motivation system" I'm positive you'll achieve it!  Good luck next year.