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Where will manchester united finish this season?

  1. TafadzwaZ91 profile image59
    TafadzwaZ91posted 4 years ago

    Where will manchester united finish this season?


  2. Alex Brockie profile image84
    Alex Brockieposted 4 years ago

    I fear it'll be outside the top 4, which is a shame

  3. saitam profile image82
    saitamposted 4 years ago

    The season has not started well, so I guess a fourth or fifth place will be good. Other teams like Arsenal and Tottenham seem to be very well this season, but that is only the beginning.

  4. smartknowledge profile image85
    smartknowledgeposted 4 years ago

    Definitely outside the top 4. New manager, lack of talent in the team, awful start. Compare that to Tottenham (who have some incredible players - Erikkson, Lamela, Soldado, Vertonghen, Lloris etc.), Arsenal (stable manager, Ozil), Man City (ridiculous talent, great manager), and Chelsea/Everton, well Manchester United look done for. Just my opinion!

  5. muzzster profile image90
    muzzsterposted 4 years ago

    Still early days but if United don't pick up from this point, it will be difficult to get into the top 4

  6. FootyPundit13 profile image61
    FootyPundit13posted 4 years ago

    If you look at United for the last few years, they haven't had many incredibly talented  players - especially in centre midfield- but what gave them the edge was their sheer hunger and desire. This all comes down to Sir Alex Ferguson.

    He made sure that United won every 50/50, closed the ball down quickly and run for the entire 90 minutes. Since David Moyes' arrival the team have looked uninspired and are failing with these basics. This is why they are losing.