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Will Lebron James ever pass Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time?

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    Andrew Kishposted 9 months ago

    Will Lebron James ever pass Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time?

  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 9 months ago


    It's ashame he even has to be compared to Michael Jordan.
    They don't even play the same position.
    I suppose it's a "compliment" to be mentioned in the same sentence as MJ but most people who do so do it with the intention of putting LeBron down in one way or another.
    Kobe Bryant also had to deal with Jordan God complex as well.
    Neither he or LeBron were allowed to just "be" and play their game. No one compares other point guards to "Magic Johnson".
    On the other hand Steph Curry was allowed to blossom into a "superstar" without being compared to Michael Jordan or any other player. This is how it should be for every player.

    Generally speaking every generation has it's "heroes" and refuse to believe a newer generation has anyone close to being as good as what was around in (their time).
    My father swore Joe Louis was a better fighter than Muhammad Ali and John Wayne was a better cowboy than Clint Eastwood. 
    Personally I long for watching Joe Montana play in a Super bowl over Tom Brady. It's just one of those (generational) things!

  3. StudentoftheGame profile image60
    StudentoftheGameposted 9 months ago

    Personally, I believe that if we stop comparing then that is the time when we can clearly and vividly appreciate the greatness of both men. Not only they are on court legends, but also off-court icons to whom we draw inspiration or someone we look up to. Comparing disparages what they have done as we find flaws and disengages from what is really significant, which is their impact rooted from their innate competitiveness and desire to win. What I truly am believing is there is another kid this time whose passion and love for the game truly exceeds the imaginable and works to become the greatest so might as well expect the unexpected.

  4. Ryan Cornelius profile image68
    Ryan Corneliusposted 7 months ago

    You think stats put him at the table? Lebron james passed most because he came out of HS. He had more time to play but all around????3-5 finals record seals the deal. hes all about stats