Do you think Free Agency is ruining the state of the NBA?

  1. Alphadogg16 profile image89
    Alphadogg16posted 18 months ago

    Do you think Free Agency is ruining the state of the NBA?

    We've seen the same 2 teams meet in the Finals for 3 straight years, with the addition of Kevin Durant, Golden State will be an alpha for years to come and the Cavaliers are sure to add in free agency and follow suit. Can the NBA see parity again? Or has the rest of the league fallen behind?

  2. Ericdierker profile image47
    Ericdierkerposted 18 months ago

    Nope, business models get got onto in a couple of years. Stock exchange or franchises makes no difference. One will go down this next year. And so on and so on. The fact we have 3peats of two teams does not change that equation.

  3. Randal Bruce profile image83
    Randal Bruceposted 17 months ago

    No. It's great to see great teams being great.  Warriors and Cavs have been the best in the last 3 years.  What's great is that the majority of the Warriors stars were drafted & not drafted by tanking but smart draft choices.  Curry, Thompson and Green all drafted.  They used free agency wisely adding guys like Igudola, Livingston and West.  They hit a homerun last year with Durant.  They are the model.  The Cavs drafted their top 2 players Lebron & Irving.  Lebron left and came back thru free agency.  Now the Cavs utilized tanking to get Lebron's 1st run with team and to get Irving and have capitalized on free agency in Lebron's 2nd run.  I think free agency is great.  I don't mind dominant teams.  There needs to be a bar.  We all loved it when it was Lakers vs Celtics in the 80's so much so they did a 30 for 30 about how great it was.  I think other teams especially small market teams need to utilize the draft wisely to make their teams desirable.  We forget that the Cleveland and Golden State were two of the least desirable places for a long time.  Look at what the Celtics are doing.  They hired a solid coach.  Maximizing talent they have and loading up on assets.  While the Warriors and Cavs are getting older the Celtics are getting younger and stronger.  The Lakers are in earlier stages.  The Clippers hired Jerry West. Look at his resume for building teams.  The Lakers, Grizzlies and the Warriors.  The Rockets are gearing up for big free agency.  The Spurs can improve with just a healthy Kwahi Leonard.  So I think if the Warriors & Cavs keeping playing for titles.  They earned it and we should celebrate it. 
    My only beef with the NBA is the draft lottery.  I hate seeing teams tanking to get high picks.  Make it a true lottery for teams that didn't make the playoffs.  Tanking is not good for the game or the fans.  So many teams have prospered from it and I don't blame them cause they using the system that's in place.  It would be great to see a team like the Heat that missed playoffs by 1 game get the 1st pick.  They were 11-30 to start the season and finished 30-11.  What a turn around.  They get punished while a team like Philly who tanks constantly and chant trust the process load up on early pics.  I'm torn on them cause i can't wait to see Philly and like I said I can't hate on them cause they are using the system that is in place.  Free agency is great.  Fix the draft.


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