Its time for video technology

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    RonBergundyposted 8 years ago

    For years now the public have watched bad decision after bad decision by referees. Every week there is a decision that video technology could be used with. However i do not blame the referees for they have only split seconds to make a decision. They require help and assistance. Video technology is used in so many sports now from the first to use it Rugby League to tennis. Why does football , arguably the biggest game on the planet and the game with the most money involved, not use technology. Players will no longer argue with the referee as the decision would have been made by an official in the stands with all the angles. The players will not be able to intimidate him as they do on the field. With so much money involved it is criminal not to use it as one decision can cost a club millions of pounds be it through champions league places or relegation. A recent example is Ireland failure to qualify for the world cup. Due to that decision not to see clear cheating Ireland will not be going. Some of the Irish players may now never go to a World Cup. It could lead back to the days of the seventies and football violence as fans will be so angry over a decision if unfair. It is time for Blatter and Platini to made the decision to use technology. Unfortunately it seems until it happens in a World cup final or to France they will do nothing.
    I also believe that the FA and Premier league should take a stronger stance as being the most powerful of leagues in the World they should do it themselves. If that means England being banned from Europe and national competitions then maybe it is a price to pay for having a strong and fair league. The other countries will soon follow as they see it working in England.
    A major argument against video technology is that it takes to long. This is complete rubbish it takes less then a minute just look at the other sports. Also i would rather wait one minute and get the fair/right decision be it against or for my team.
    My conclusions from the argument is that the only people against video technology are the cheats and divers as they will be found out. Any honest professional or member of the public just wants the right result. So it is long overdue but now surely video technology is needed.

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      Bikash jhaposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with you after watching so much mistakes done by refree in this fifa wc , they should use video in football.