The Fear Factor

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    coachsledgeposted 8 years ago

    8 yrs. old on my way to my first Little League Game in uniform with bat, ball and glove. On my way a 12 yr. old from the other team road past on his bike and said I'm going to hit you with the ball when you bat. Now I am afraid, as I walk to the park thinking about what he said. To make a long story short. As I step into the batters box my very first bat ever the only thing on my mind, he's going to hit me. First pitch he hits me! As I jog down to first base thinking, it didn't even hurt like I thought. I stole second, third and home. Now I'm thinking he wont hit me anymore because he can not afford too, I will go all the way around. Next at bat I new he was coming down the middle with his fast ball and wham my first hit. My point, its OK to be afraid we all are of something, its how we handle fear that counts. Example: two soldiers next to each other both are afraid, your choice is to cry like a baby and run, or somehow find some courage to fight back, in your case your weapons are your bat and glove. Soldiers fight back because they have to listen to their coaches, now it becomes real important to win the Game. Through training and practice you will overcome some of these fears. I think as a Coach fear has to be treated just like a child who is afraid of the dark. Keep a light on and give the teddy bear. Which is assurance and comfort, it's the OK factor.

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      Glenn S.posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I have fond memories of these situations. Thanks for a super post. You should right an article about this.