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No trade feels "unethical" to Vincent Jackson

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    Deucemyersposted 7 years ago

    I read an article from USA today the huddle and it said that Vincent Jackson was upset he wasn't traded today. He was quoted saying in regards to the chargers not trading him "It feels unethical and I am disappointed." He also of course said that famous 'I just want to play' line we hear from so many pro athletes who want a bigger pay check. It pains me to hear these athletes say I just want to play or I just want to get out there and help my team when they are sitting on the sidelines not playing by choice. I understand holding out and asking for a new contract but if you're going to do it don't make comments such as these, they make you look foolish. Unethical would be not honoring a contract that you signed. If you're an athlete and you aren't playing by choice not because of injury then I think you have no room to talk about how badly you want to get on the field.

    Check out USA today article
    http://content.usatoday.com/communities … chargers/1

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      LakeShow Tposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Good points. This is a tough one to analyze because there are many factors.

      #1 Jackson is under contract, therefore he should be obligated to play because he is the one who signed the contract because it looked good to him at the time. Not performing under the terms of the contract is a breach of contract and he is paying for that right now since he is not getting paid.

      #2 On the other hand, these holdouts are common in the NFL because players' contracts are not guaranteed. A player could be cut at any time and there goes the remaining years of their contract. In other sports, the contracts are guaranteed. Personally, I can understand this to an extent because if I am one of the best workers at my job and some kid come in and starts making more money than I am right away without having proven anything, I am going to be pissed and think I deserve more money.

      #3 The Chargers GM is a moron, who has traditionally failed in paying his players what they deserve and, in this case, is asking for far too much in a trade for Jackson just out of spite for him.

      Those are just some points I wanted to make.  I don't really have an opinion on the matter being that it is so complicated, other than the fact that I wanted the Vikings to get him. Chargers GM wouldn't let that happen even though he won't play for them and they won't pay him. It will just end up hurting the Chargers as it has already done.

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    Paul Edmondsonposted 7 years ago

    This is definitely an NFL issue.  It's strange to me that folks like the Jet's Revis holds out and gets a new deal for more money.  If that's the game, Jackson needs to hold out and hope another team pays him.

    Seems like the NFL could solve this if they really insisted on on players honoring their contracts.  I think a two year ban from the league for holding out would do it - I suspect there are some other legal issues there because of the NFLs position and govt involvement (which I don't know anything about).

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      Deucemyersposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I would imagine if they tried to put a two year ban on players for holding out a certain period of time it would make these situations a lot messier. The NFL is already having enough problems with getting a current collective bargaining agreement in place. Imagine if they tried to make a penalty for holding out so great, the NFLPA would flip upside down in rage. The fact is the players sign the contracts, they get signing bonuses, they get garaunteed money, and then they play like the contract states. The players are running this league. I understand they are the product, they are what the people and fans want to see. Problem is that the players are only there for a small fraction of a teams franchise. The owners are the ones spending the money, running the teams, investing their earnings in the brand, and making the deals. I understand the players are putting their bodies on the line and their future health. Guess what? Thats the profession you chose, go be a cashier, a car salesmen, or a doctor and see what happens if you want to hold out at your job, you'll be fired. Imagine if a soldier serving in the military in Afghanistan decided to hold out, which is most likely paid a 200th of a fraction of what Darrelle now makes. The players are employees who make insane amounts of money to do something they love. I just can't agree with any player who holds out and stays off the field because of a money issue especially when they say that all they want to do is play football... From now on that sentence should be finished with 'for the right price'

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        cole1434posted 7 years agoin reply to this

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