Oklahoma beats Nebraska in The Big 12 Championship

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    onlineaddictbooksposted 6 years ago

    Both teams played a great game but it was Oklahoma'a defense that won this game for them. Constant pressure was kept on the Husker quaterbacks all night and the Nebraska Offense was kept to a rushing and passing minimum that really made our defense have to work really hard just to keep up with the Sooners offense. The Huskers did a great job of keeping the score down and only a couple of times allowed the long passes needed for a high scoring game. In the end though Oklahoma beats Nebraska and wins the big 12 title.

    This was a great end to a great rivalry that was ongoing for almost a decade long. OU and NE games are always fun to watch and are the poster child for the saying "any given day, anything can happen". The fans on both sides will miss the players , the tailgate parties, and the friends both teams have made along the way. What a great finish and hats off to the Sooners. Id also like to thank the Official for calling such a fair game and allowing the Teams and not the Officials to decide the outcome of the game!!!
    Oklahoma wins 23-20 over Nebraska