Badminton Doubles Champion League

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    oklah55posted 9 years ago

    Planning to have a league for badminton lovers in Singapore, objective is to play with diferent player and gain more experience. Currently is still in the planning stage, feel free to comment, question and advice on the making of the

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    oklah55posted 9 years ago

    1.    Title                   
        1.1    This League shall be called the Badminton Doubles Champions League 2009                

    2.    Oraganiser & Sponsor                   
        2.1    This league is oraganised by Sam, and sponsor by yourself. Haha.               

    3.    Period of League Season                   
        3.1    The league shall commence on 7 Feb 2009(Sat)               

    4.    Ojective                   
        4.1    It's to play with better players as to improve oneself in term of skill or experience.               

    5.    Cancellation                   
        5.1    In the event that less than 9 teams are registered for the league, the league shall be cancelled.               

    6.    Rules & System                   
        6.1    Teams performing neutral are to book courts and supply shuttlers for that match.               
        6.2    There is no restriction on the vence, you can book any courts available in Singapore.               
        6.3    Neutral are to comfrim the venue latest 3 days before the match and inform the teams in that match.               
        6.3    Every teams are to do 8 neutrals in the whole season.               
            ( Pls see the fixture, to know which match you are doing neutral for)               
        6.4    The team that win the match will get 3 points in the table.               
        6.5    The team that lose the match will get 1 points in the table.               
        6.6    The team that walkover* the match will not get any points in the table.               
        6.7    Neutral are to send the result through sms to Sam after the matches, so he can tabulated the result.               
        6.8    If a team is pull out during the league, all previous matches play by that team will be void.