Has the clock struck midnight on Tebow Time?

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  1. krjpublishing profile image60
    krjpublishingposted 12 years ago

    Now that we're seeing both extremes, can we finally come to the middle and properly evaluate Tim Tebow?

    1. jacoryboozer profile image58
      jacoryboozerposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      The media put too much pressure on him to win.... i knew it would all end soon.

  2. Whimsical Chair profile image61
    Whimsical Chairposted 12 years ago

    Tebow's time hasn't ended yet.  I think the best way to evaluate him is how he handles success and failures.  He has failed two games in a row.  Let's see what happens over time.  He can't do everything himself.  It also not his fault that the Denver Broncos lost to the New England Patriots, which has lost only three times this year.  Tebow played a terrible game against the Bills.  Let's see if he can lead his team to the playoffs.

  3. krjpublishing profile image60
    krjpublishingposted 12 years ago

    That's why I wanted to pose the question the way that I did. I'm not in any way suggesting that Tebow's done, but I was asking is "Tebow Time" the phenomenon is done. This is a media creation. When you give a QB all the credit for the wins, you have to give him all the blame for the losses, and that's not fair to Tebow either way. Between the fanatics that wanna treat him like he's Montana and assume that anyone that critiques him is speaking against his faith, and those that genuinely hate the kid for no good reason, he's only been properly and fairly evaluated by a very few. I hope we can all get perspective on the kid now. We won't really know what he can or can't do until next year.

    1. Whimsical Chair profile image61
      Whimsical Chairposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      I love your answer. 

      A lot of people want good people to succeed.

  4. seattleamilehigh1 profile image61
    seattleamilehigh1posted 12 years ago

    Tebow's evaluation has to come at the end of the season, just like everyone elses. It's too bad the media got so crazy on him EVERY game. He's put together a pretty solid sophmore season. He has twice the number of TD's (12) to interceptions (6) and 1,700 yards through the air, which isn't too impressive, but he has rushed for almost 700 yards and 6 TD's. He improved both his passing game and his running game this season, who says with a off-season as the starter he can't do even more? Tebow really could be for real, which is going to scare opposing defenses all game, rather than just the 4th quarter.

  5. seattleamilehigh1 profile image61
    seattleamilehigh1posted 12 years ago

    oh ya. great hub, voted up!!

  6. seattleamilehigh1 profile image61
    seattleamilehigh1posted 12 years ago

    or forum... ha ha.

  7. cleaner3 profile image71
    cleaner3posted 12 years ago

    You must remember that John Elway was a scrambler when he first came into the league. He was loudly declared as an unorthodox player with a strong arm. He had to go thru a learning curve too. How good or how much better Tim Tebow gets is to be determined by his coaches. They made an adjustment that resulted in a six game winning streak, now they must follow through on this pattern of adjustment. John Fox should build this team around Tim Tebow. The coaches of the Denver Broncos know that he has potential, they now must help him out by surrounding him with the players that he needs such as a speedy wide reciever. The Broncos also need a few more running backs that will compliment that young offensive line that likes to block for the run. The future is unlimited when you talk of how good Tim Tebow can be, just remember what they said about John Elway.

  8. ByChanceTV profile image58
    ByChanceTVposted 12 years ago

    Yup, It's Midnight - "Dong Dong!"
    Now It's a Brand New Day - Four More Games!


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