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Players wearing helmets improperly to cause concussions?

  1. superior45 profile image54
    superior45posted 6 years ago

    I have noticed that this year there are an extrodinary amount of times in football games were players helmets are flying off the players as they are in the midst of making a play.  With this year the extra care toward player safety and head collisions are players actually putting themselves at risk with these injuries because they are trying to give a look of big hit effect while making plays or the way they are improperly wearing their equipment?
    To me it always seems like at least 5-10 times a game there is a helmet rolling around on the ground by either the defensive player making a tackle or the offensive player being hit, and as I watched the Michigan and Virginia Tech game last night I noticed that Denard Robinson (QB for Michigan) had his chin straps really loose while playing in the game.  Now I did not see his helmet fall off last night but I did see him easily adjust it with the chin straps still on through out the game while in the huddle and it just got me wondering if players are putting themselves at risk? I see this all the time in the NFL games as well.

    With the NFL recently having two lawsuits against it from former players complaining of head injuries and concussion issues (One filed by Dorey Levens and Jamal Lewis on December 22 in Atlanta Ga).  Are players actually taking their own physical wellbeing at risk by the way they wear their equipment to attract the attention of Sportscenter top plays with helmet jarring hits?  With a sense of how to get on top 10 plays for sports channel publicity do players really inherit most of the responsibility of head injuries because of the way they wear their helmets and chin straps during the games?
    Also, in the Rose Bowl game the Oregon Ducks Helmets were design for a spectacular effect by using a mirror like finish to it. (See picture)  In my opinion the emphasis on the super flashy brings out the mindset to these athletes to do and show outrageous playing just to get on tv highlights shows.  Which leads to wearing equipment improperly for special effects.

    Who is responsible for the way players are taking hits now-a-days the players or the public/media for bringing out the need to sensationalize the dramatics on big plays??????

    1. I am DB Cooper profile image58
      I am DB Cooperposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I actually noticed this problem when watching the Sugar Bowl last night with my friends. Not only were Denard Robinson's chin straps loose, but you apparently missed a couple plays when his helmet did actually come off.

      Once was at the end of the 2nd quarter on a reverse play. Robinson had a block in the backfield that helped the runner get to the edge for a 7 or 8 yard gain. The block was weak (it's a QB on a defensive lineman), but Robinson's helmet still ended up on the ground. The other one I noticed was a run up the middle by Robinson in the 4th quarter. I think the run was for 11 or 12 yards. Robinson dove forward at the end of the run and his helmet wasn't touched by defenders, but just the impact of his shoulder hitting the turf was enough to knock his helmet off.

      I don't know about college, but I know the NFL sort of addresses this issue by ending the play when the helmet comes off a ball-carrier. That rule would not have changed either play with Denard Robinson mentioned above, but at least it has the potential to punish teams for offensive players who don't wear their helmet properly.

  2. superior45 profile image54
    superior45posted 6 years ago

    Just this weekend when the BYU lineman got knocked down and his helmet ripped off by the defensive player, he got back up and got back in play to block the same defensive end to help score a touchdown.  He got on sportscenter for the play (top ten highlight) and commented that this is what scouts are looking for in players.  So they dont/did not blow the whistle down on that play. 
    You are right about them stopping plays in NFL if offensive player carrying ball looses helmet during play they will stop but I see defensive players have them taken off and still try to make plays.

  3. optimus grimlock profile image61
    optimus grimlockposted 6 years ago

    for years college and pro players have only used 1 snap instead of 2. I dont see why they do it, my helment wouldnt feel right with just one stap. The extra snap keeps it tight wich gives you head more cushin while 1 snap allows concusions much more possible! Some of these guys dont care about there future they can only see the season and not 5-20 years down the road!