Real Madrid put Barça under TENsion. #A10

  1. Madridstagurl profile image57
    Madridstagurlposted 6 years ago

    So hey, the best team in the world [Barça] is trailing by 10 points to leaders Real Madrid. Surprise, right?

    It's quite shocking to some people how Barça have dropped so much points therefore benefiting Real Madrid a 10 point lead.

    Why & how? Well, Barça have significantly dropped their points in their Away fixtures; drawing most of their Away fixtures has certainly put them in this situation. There is definitely another reason; injured players such as D.Villa and recently A.Iniesta. Now those two players are important to Barça and it seems like the team is missing them badly.

    Many are saying the league is over and that it's 'mission impossible' for Barça to pick up points on their upcoming match and it's very unlikely that Real Madrid will drop points.

    What do I think? Well, never say never! Pep seems to have given up considering the fact that his team are not performing so well in their Away fixtures. I believe that Real Madrid are having a great run both in La Liga BBVA & the UEFA Champions League and deserve to be leaders but Pep has to be motivated.

    This current team [Real Madrid] have developed significantly and are performing ever so well in both their Away & Home fixtures.

    However, Real Madrid's real test stands against Barça. If Mou and his players want to prove they're worthy of being tagged as the best team, they must beat Barça at Camp Nou thus increase their lead by 13 points. ¡HALA MADRID!

  2. Alhamora profile image63
    Alhamoraposted 6 years ago

    Beating Barça in Camp Nou, I have been waiting for that since Jose came in. Too attacking they play. The formula is good, not good enough against Barça, we wiil see if Jose tries something new or not.

    I don't think Jose will leave Real before beating Barça in Camp Nou. The rest of the season is going to be very exciting.